Whispers in Autumn (The Last Year, Book One)



5 candy


This book was amazing! It has a “The Time Travelers Wife” meets “The Host” feel to it. The planet Earth has been taken over by another race called “Others” and they have mind controlled the humans so that they are happy and at peace. Or that’s what they want the humans to think. Humans have no emotions and when certain events happen there isn’t any recognition of a problem because of the mind control. But Althea is different. She’s never in one place for too long. She “travels” to different seasons and assumes a different life during these times. She only ever gets to see Winter, Spring, and Fall. Never Summer. She can’t figure out why though. And in each of the three places that she travels she has different parents there. She’s not quite sure what happens when she disappears from one place and goes to the next. How come the parents in those places don’t realize she’s gone? And she knows that she’s different because she feels emotions. And most of all if she lets her emotions get the better of her she sweats up a storm, heats up a room, and melts things. And this last time she traveled seems to be different from the rest because there is a boy that sometimes isn’t always smiling like the rest of the humans are. And he seems to question things when others don’t. After finding Lucas she starts to realize things. Could the Others not be as helpful as everyone thinks they are? Something’s not right about the Others and Althea plans to figure it out!
I loved this book! Young Adult dystopian books are one of my favorite things to read. This is the first book in a series of four books that are already out! I cannot wait to read the rest of the series! There were times I couldn’t put the book down. There were also times I was scared to pick it up because I didn’t want the characters in the book to get hurt. It’s funny to think that if I don’t read it nothing bad will happen to them. Either way, this book was suspenseful and eye opening. Dystopian books remind us not to take things for granted. Althea tries to act like the rest of the population, but she wouldn’t want to change because she loves that she can “feel” emotions. You should definitely check this book out and put it on your reading list!  – J
I have to put in my two cents here, considering the fact that I totally made J read this book (granted I said YA dystopian and she chomped at the bit). I found this book off a random search on the internet and it looked interesting enough (by looked interesting enough I meant the cover…yes yes judging hush) so I picked it up. I then couldn’t put it down. For the next 36 hours I pretty much ignored everything I had to do except the basic things and dove into the story of Althea and the Others, I was hooked. I wanted to know who, what where when why and how. I must admit there was a point where I shed some tears and I love Lucas to itty bitty pieces.  I was going to wait until I had read all four books to do a grand review but decided that J and I could tag team reviews on here and give you a little bit of perspective. The approach is fresh and one I have not seen before, Trisha really got into the mindset of an off beat teenager with something to fight for and I love reading the way she writes. This book brings to back to the very essence of emotion and is definitely one that you should put on your shelves and share with the teens in your life. -Xx Chick

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