4 candy

The start was a little slow, but once I got into this book it really picked up and I loved it! LeKrista Scott’s life was normal until she realized that she was being stalked by a vampire. She could feel eyes watching her at different times for the past couple months. And one day while almost dropping her beer outside her car, Roman uses some fast reflexes and catches them all for her. From then on her world is not the same! She ends up killing the vampire that was stalking her. He was made by Roman. And now the lover of the truly dead vampire wants revenge. Only LeKrista plans on staying alive! Roman seems to want her for his own reasons too, but LeKrista tells him that she’s off limits. She has a boyfriend named Pierce. And just when LeKrista thinks she knows the people in her life, she realizes that she knew nothing. So many secrets! There are lots of twists and turns in this book and the ending actually made me a little mad with the decision she made, but I’ll let you read it and find out what you think. Perhaps you’ll see her point of view?

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