Paradox Cover (1)

Title: Paradox
By- Robyn M. Pierce
Genre: New Adult Romance
Paradox is a complete novella at 30,759 words. NEW ADULT ROMANCE
Expected Publication Date- July 9th, 2013

They knew from the beginning it was wrong.

Everything in her life pointed her away from him.
Everything beckoned him toward her.

When Rachel met Taylor, their connection was immediate and undeniable. With so many things in common, these friends found themselves falling inevitably and too fast to stop. There was but one thing that was between them:
Rachel had a boyfriend.

A year after parting ways, Taylor’s and Rachel’s individual lives have thrust them back toward one another, and the resulting fireworks will leave more than one person burned.


I really enjoyed this novella. It flowed really well, a good novella is sometimes hard to pull off, Robyn did a great job. I loved the chemistry between Rachel and Taylor, and I loved watching Rachel grow and spread her wings. That being said there were times that I wanted to shake her and Taylor both and ask them what the hell was wrong with them. They wanted and needed each other so badly, but neither could seem to get their heads out of their asses long enough to realize this. This review is really hard to write without giving away the whole story so I will just say this. As frustrated as I was with Rachel and Taylor’s “relationship” the story was worth reading. Yes, there will be frustrating times, but they will be overshadowed by the heart of this story. Rachel and Taylor, give one hope. I cannot wait to see what else this author has to offer us. *A*

Author Info-

Robyn M Pierce (1)
Robyn M. Pierce is an up-and-coming author from Las Vegas, where the night is never-ending. She is a writer of paranormal romance and, now, New Adult romance.
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