Into The Fire

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In Lyarne, refugees are first pitied, then assimilated.

Mieshka knows this well. Secure under its Mage-powered shield, the capital city ignores the war that has occupied the rest of the country. Her citizens live normal lives, smile to each other on the street, and discuss the weather. Air raids are little more than a nuisance, bursting against the shield like a firework show.

Dealing with the loss of her mother and the withdrawal of her father, Mieshka finds the city’s apathy suffocating. She keeps her head down at school, holds her emotions in, and does her best to force down panic.

On the day she snaps, she finds out that she has magic. Struggling to understand her abilities, she discovers more secrets about her world than she imagined, and friends in the most unlikely of places.

**About 56,000 words. Contains mild swearing and violence.
***Also contains the short story “Cat and Meese”.

4 candy

This book really surprised me. I was a little taken back by the intensity of it and thought I was going to have a hard time finishing it, but to my great surprise I really enjoyed. I was excited to turn the page, I just couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. I couldn’t get enough of Meese and this amazing journey she was being taken on. I cannot wait to read more of Meese’s story. This girl is going to do bigger and better things I just know it. *A*

Meet The Author


Born on the west coast of Canada, K Gorman enjoys reading and writing science-fiction and fantasy books. Currently pursuing a degree in Pacific and Asian Studies, she is taking a year out to study Mandarin Chinese in South-west China.

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