Honor Student

honor student

5 cakes

This book was amazing! Emma has had her life completely changed. Her parents are dead and now she lives with her aunt. It hurts everyday to think about what she has lost. All she wants to do is go back home, but it’s not there anymore. She’s attending college in Florida where her aunt lives. She goes to class, doesn’t make friends, and just goes through the motions. And then something changes. One of her classes now has a substitute teacher. Mr. Honor gets drooled over by all the girls, but only one girl catches his eye and that’s Emma. At first Emma doesn’t know what to think. She’d never have a shot with someone as hot as Mr. Honor. Events spiral and things start looking up in her life, but it’s still not that easy. Mr. Honor seems to have a past of his own and he doesn’t want anyone getting close to him either. This book was a roller coaster of emotions. And I loved every one of them! I cannot wait to read the next book! It is a definite must read!!




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