From Rags


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From Rags by Suzanne Wright
Reviewed by Lady 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lady aka Hazeline Paddock-Ng. I am so honored to be given this opportunity to be featured on Candy Coated Book Blog as their guest reviewer. The first book I like to review was not published recently, it was self published by author Suzanne Wright on Jan 14, 2012.  I chose this book because it was beautifully written and honestly, it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. I don’t think many even knows that this book exist. This book needs more recognition in my opinion. 

This is my first book written by a British author. I never liked or had time to read but have become addicted very quickly since I was persuaded by a girlfriend to pick up a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey in June 2012. I was hooked!! Thanks Monica! I was born and raised in Singapore (A British Colony) but have lived in the United States for 16 years so when I read this book and with all the British terms I was used to, was in fact very fascinating and brought back memories. 

I love this book! I love everything about it. The story, the characters. I love how different Jaxxon Carter is from all the fictional characters I’ve read so far. She is strong-willed, feisty, charming, witty, bitchy, curse like a sailor and smart. She takes no bull shit from anyone. I’m in love with her personality. She do what she have to do to survive on her own. She does not depend on anyone. When an opportunity came looking for her, she accepted with doubts to see where it leads. She wants a better life for herself. Even when she became successful, she was still very humble.

And there’s Connor McKenzie, the charming, cocky, athletic build with ribbed muscles Formula One driver. How can anyone not swoon and drool over that? OH BOY! And the steamy sex, mmm……

Jaxxon Carter’s life was not perfect, not even close, very sad even until… 

There are only 3 people in Jaxxon’s life that truly mattered, her mom, her sister Leah and a boy name Connor. After her mother committed suicide by heroin overdose, with no dad or other family to care, Jaxxon and her sister were put into the social system. Jaxxon was eight and Leah was ten. After bouncing around from a series of foster homes all over London, they finally came to live with the Glennon family. This family was somewhat better than the ones they were in before. They were slobs and has no interest in what the foster children did. At least, they didn’t hit, grope or starve them. It’s in this foster home that they met the gorgeous Connor McKenzie. When both Connor and Leah turned sixteen, they moved out leaving Jaxxon all along in that foster home with no one who matters and no way of finding them when she finally gets out herself. Connor promised to keep in touch but never did. Jaxxon was fourteen, 2 years is a long time to be alone, tainted by violence, struggle and even more pain. By the way, Leah is a total bitch of a sister. I hate her. You will know why when you read this book, I’m almost positive you will feel the same.

Eight years later…Jaxxon have long left foster care and working at a pub trying to make ends meet and Connor became an extremely famous Formula One driver.

One night, a man named Richie approached Jaxxon with an offer no one could resist. Of course Jaxxon has her doubts but…she caved when Richie accepted her the way she was, a total bitch.

“So basically what you’re saying is that you want me as the face for this range of yours because I’m a bitch who doesn’t care that she’s one.”
He grinned at her opinion of herself. “Even bitches can get a break in life.”

I’m sure you all know what happened next. Jaxxon sky-rocketed to the peak of success gaining fame, fortune and security. Oh…can’t have a celebrity without a stalker, can we? 

Because of her fame and popularity, how can one not notice when her face is plastered all over magazines and billboards including Connor McKenzie? After seeing Jaxxon in a magazine brought back memories. He regretted not keeping in touch with her. The only reason he kept his hands off her 10 years ago was that she was 14 and he 16, making her too young for him. Now, that they are adults, he’s prepared to do anything to get her back, not even Jaxxon herself can stop him. Also, what is a book without a crazy ex-girlfriend and an American no less, huh? 

I hope I’ve written enough to capture your interest in picking up this book and give it a shot. There’s so much more to the story that I promise you that you will not regret reading it. There is a HEA but not without some angst, suspense and frustrations. 

Before I go, these two are my favorite quotes from the book.
“I love you, you mental bitch.”
“And I love you, you dick.”

I have to give lots of credit to Suzanne Wright for creating and writing the most amazing female heroine ever. I have to say, by far Jaxxon is my favorite heroine. She’s absolutely ballsy. Never have I read a book like this one. All the female characters I’ve read are weak. Definitely not what I expected. The chemistry between Jaxxon and Connor is so amazing that you really want to jump into the book and slap them silly!! This book truly is a hidden gem. Everyone should read it. What are you waiting for? Go pick up a copy and start reading!!


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