Fractured Light Rachel McClellan

We are super stoked to be part of Rachel’s Fractured Soul Blog Tour, so to give you a taste of what she’s got we thought a review of the first book in the series Fractured Light would wet your whistle. We can’t wait to read so much more ❤


4 cakes

I loved reading this book. I’m a big fan of YA books. This book starts out a little sad, but I love the way she has her way with words. You can really get into the characters emotions. Llona (Ee-Ohn-Ah) has lost her mother and her father. Llona isn’t a normal girl, she is an Aura. In the beginning Light used to be a part of the world, but then something happened and darkness crept into it, poisoning mankind. Light was hunted by the darkness. So in order to hide, Light became a part of human girls DNA. This way they could blend in and hide, but they have certain powers that help to calm other humans and offer hope. Ever since Llona’s parents death she has been living with her uncle Jake and running for her life. She’ll live in one place, but as soon as she gets this feeling that she is no longer safe, they up and move. She’s tired of moving, hiding, and feeling all alone. Then she meets Christian at her new school. Christian is awesome and is so understanding of a lot of things. Their relationship through the book gets kinda…complicated. I’m not going to spoil anything, you’ll have to read it yourself. But it will pull at your heart strings.I think this storyline is pretty original and ddefinitely worth reading.

Xx J

We can’t wait to show you what she did with Fractured Soul. We love Rachel and want to read EVERYTHING she writes EVER!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Follow the linkies below to all of her fun awesomness!!!

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