Forever Mine by Elizabeth Reyes (Part of The Moreno Brothers series)

forever mine


Doll – I wasn’t sure when I first purchased this book on my Kindle. I’m not usually a fan of books that are written in the third person. He said, she said etc.

C – I know what you mean but if it’s done well, then it’s great.

Doll – Agreed. Well, Elizabeth Reyes does it VERY well. I really enjoyed this book. It’s not my usual read as you know, I like my smutty, dirty, and erotic novels, but I really liked this.

C – The Moreno brothers are hot!

Doll – Oh God yes! But, enough drooling…meet Sarah. In her senior year at high school in Arizona, Sarah’s mother has just been convicted for embezzlement and sentenced to 3 years in prison. She’s on her own and this has forced her to move California with her Aunt, Uncle and cousin Valerie.

C – I love Valerie.

Doll – She’s great and I loved getting to know her more in Always Been Mine, but we’ll come to that later. Leaving behind her best friend Sydney, Sarah is determined she is not staying in California and will save money however she can to move back to Arizona and stay with Sydney next semester.

C – Meet Angel Moreno. (Drool, swoon and sigh here) The youngest of the three Moreno brother’s, he is also in his senior year in high school. Every guy wants to be him and every girl wants to get in his pants. (Me me me me me! I will!) Renowned for never dating and having never been in love, Angel is a real high school Jock. He is very well described so he is easy to imagine as the gorgeous eighteen year old with firm, perfectly sculpted abs and those dark eyes that get you all squiffy.

Doll – We get it, he’s hot. Back to the story?

C – Sorry.

Doll – He spends most of his ‘free’ time working in his family restaurant with his brothers and younger sister Sofie.

C – Oh I love Sofie too!

Doll – Me too! I was thrilled when I saw she has her own story too!

C – Me too! It was nice to see her perspective and get to know more of her and Eric!

Doll – Angel’s world is turned on its head when he meets new girl Sarah. He’s gripped by her and is determined to make her his no matter what it takes. But when Sarah reveals that she has no intentions of staying in California, Angel makes it his mission to try to change her mind. Here I was thinking…good luck with that. As we know but Angel doesn’t…Sarah has a secret. But he’s fallen fast and hard for her.

C – He’s the jealous and possessive type of teen and typically of teens in love, they spend every day together all loved up and swooning. It’s all perfect.

Doll – It is…Until he happens to mention that he doesn’t believe that men and women can be just friends. I believe him! Harry met Sally. Friends with Benefits. Do these movies teach us nothing? He gets jealous whenever anyone even attempts to make a move on Sarah and even had a fight with Jessie who was merely making conversation (however creepy the kid is). He’s a hot head for this part of the book but I still loved him. I did find it a little rushed how hard and fast Angel fell in love but then I guess at 18 that’s entirely possible. That lightning strike feeling.

C – I like that he’s possessive but it got a little irritating. It didn’t stop me reading though!

Doll – Nope. Me neither. I won’t tell you all much more because it’ll spoil it for you but this was a great read. It was angsty and reminded me of that first love feeling all those years ago…

C – Yeah, the 50s was a great era.

Doll – HEY! I’m not that old!

C – My mistake.  So, does Sarah stay in California to be with her new love?

Doll – And will Angel still feel the same about her when he discovers that Sarah’s best friend Sydney, whom she calls every day, says ‘I love you too’ when on the phone and is so determined to return to………….Is a guy.

C – A good read. Very romantic and loved up. I liked that we got to meet the Moreno family and their friends in this book which helps us when we start reading the other books because you already feel connected to the characters.

Doll – Exactly! I really enjoyed it. I read it in a day and it made for a great cozy up and bury my nose in a book day.

C- I’d like to bury my nose in Alex’s –

Doll – *Holds hand over C’s mouth* Alex is the next book! Don’t spoil it!

C – *Rolls eyes*

Doll – Anyway, pick up this book like yesterday and tell us what YOU think. We thought it was a sweet treat.

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