Finding Never (Never Say Never)

finding Never

“Tell me, Never, do you still love him?”

Never Ross and Ty McCabe have come a long way – but they can’t stop now. Their pasts are still there, ready to sweep over and consume them if they don’t confront them. A visit to Never’s family seems like the first logical step, but will it make things better or worse? And what about Noah Scott? Ty is Never’s tortured other half, but can he also be the healing balm that she so desperately needs? With McCabe’s past still a virtual unknown, Never is going to have to make more than one decision capable of breaking both their hearts.

“Ty has changed; I have changed, and things are not always what they seem.”


“Before you say whatever it is that you’re going to say, can I show you something?” he asks as the fog of his breath tangles and dances with mine in the crisp winter air.
“Ty, you don’t – ”
He cuts me off.
“Please.” He says the word like it’s a question, but it’s not. He’s not asking my permission. Ty is telling me that he’s going to show me whether I like it or not, so I better be ready for it. “I need to show you how much you rock my f*cking world.” And then Ty is kissing me hot and hungry, down my neck and back up again. He’s biting my lip and making me bleed, brushing his lips across the beating pulse in my neck, the one that throbs like crazy when he’s around.
“Ty, stop,” I say because we’re on a playground for God’s sake, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t stop. He adjusts my wrists so that he’s holding them with one hand, and although I probably could fight him if I wanted to, I don’t. I don’t want him to stop, not now, not ever.

3 cakes

“Tyson McCabe, my bad boy, my tortured soul, my little piece of dark with bits of light that glimmer like stars.”

So in the first book we come to meet Never and Ty, it’s gritty, raw and passionate. We find a little bit of ourselves that had once been lost in the souls of these characters. We pull out our innermost thoughts and study them in order to decide if what CM has written is truth or not. The first book leaves us on a trip to discover what lays in the belly of the beast. We don’t know what to expect is going to happen when we open this book but we know it is going to be the ride of a lifetime. This book is all about getting to the root of who Never is, is she Noah Scott’s perfect high school love? Is she her sister’s influence, hatred, love and regret? Is she her mother’s peach or bane of the ground she walks on? And what of Ty? Can he sit back and watch her figure it all out? Will his instinct to protect her tear them apart? 

I love the way CM writes, her words make you feel right down in your soul. They are gritty and truthful and probably what you were thinking even though you didn’t realize it at the time. While I enjoyed the context of this book and all the background information in this book and the communication between Never and her sisters there was something missing for me. Don’t get me wrong, I got choked up when the first glance between Never and Noah happened again and I always enjoy watching Ty with the girls, but the raw emotion that was in the first book just didn’t push through enough. It was more lovey dovey. And that’s cool,I just wasn’t expecting it. Such a great book. Such a great author. Seriously I want to inhale everything she writes!!!


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