Fallen Too Far Abbi Glines

We would love ya’ll to give a very lovely welcome to J. A wonderful chickadee who wanted to do a little candy coating of her own. Here is her very first review of one of our very favorite authors!!!



5 candy

This book was absolutely amazing. The story starts out with Blaire. She’s all alone in the world after taking care of her sick mother and planning the funeral after her death. Her twin sister died in a car accident 5 years ago and her dad walked out of her life at the same time. Now she has to pick up the pieces, swallow her pride, and ask her father for help. She didn’t expect to be attracted to her Dad’s wife’s son. But she falls hard. And I fell hard too! Literally smacked my face into the book!
I tore through this book with a vengeance and couldn’t put it down. I seriously cannot wait for the next book.  I cried at the end and had a serious book hangover from the lack of a second book within my grasp! I’d give this book 10 lollies if I could, but they’ll only allow me to give five. It’s not all hearts and flowers romance, but it does have nice steamy scenes! The care that Rush has for Blaire is amazing. I’d tell you more, but I don’t want to ruin it for you! You must read this book!
Xx J
You can check out the wonderful Abbi and all of her fabulousness in the linkies below –

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