An Angel’s Alternative


Riverside General Hospital, a place of harsh realities.
On Ingram Ward, Staff Nurse John Hunter is a man on the edge. Unable to move on from the recent traumas in his life, pushed to the limit, and liking his job less and less, he makes a drugs error, and questions why he even wants to be a nurse. The incident puts him on a collision course with the hospital’s new matron.
John’s best friend, Australian coronary care nurse, Dave Chiltern, discovers that helping a friend run his pub while he’s unwell can be more rewarding that his current job.
Roxanne Jones, John’s girlfriend and a care assistant on Ingram Ward, is contacted by her former boyfriend, who tries to re-ignite old flames.
Ingram Ward’s Sister, Sarah Ashe struggles to focus on her job after leaving her violent husband.
Facing the impossible expectations of front- line NHS care, the nurses who struggle to save lives and preserve their own sanity as they do so, all face choices of their own. Do the angels have an alternative?

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An Angel’s Alternative is a novel that revolves around several nurses that are loyal hard-working professionals! John has been a nurse for ten years and is in love with Roxanne, her ex boyfriend Nick is stalking her and wants her back, even though he left her. John is a lead nurse who is under extreme pressure by the matron of his ward, Carol. He is more of a caring, loving his patients and she is just about head count, moving patients in and out of the hospital! It’s all a number game for her and her boss. John makes a medication error and Carol is trying everything to get him fired. John reminds me of ” Florence Nightingale” of the nurse word. I loved how caring he was, he genuinely cared. When asked questions he was always honest with his patients and encouraged them to fight!

There is Dave who is also a nurse, his friend Tom owns a popular bar, unfortunately he has had two heart attacks. His doctor insists he has surgery and remains in the hospital. Dave steps up and helps out with the restorations at the bar. He also tries to keep the bouncers and staff in shape. Tom decides to discharge himself against everyone’s wishes!

Overall I liked this book,. I do think anyone who has a medical back ground will love this book. I was also hoping for a little bit of romance. There are also a few spelling errors.

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