New Cover!!! Crave – E.K. Blair

CRAVEpt1 resize Amazon eBook

So my lovelies, this is the BRAND NEW cover for the hot and heavy book by E.K. Blair. Not your average love story, Crave gives you a little bit of sweet with a lot of heat and a twist of insanity. I have to say I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading it. I found myself drawn into the characters and their story. I really relate to Adaline straight off the bat, she is so personable and took me right back to high school and how I fit in. I have to admit I wasn’t right into Kason straight off the bat, his personality was a little off putting but I suppose that is right where it was supposed to be. It took me a little while to warm up to them. The love story in between is edgy and intense. E.K. really took the time to research what she was getting into and was incredibly smart in the way she took the twist in the book and wrote about it. It was a subject that I think could have been focused on a little more with an older audience but what she used it for was done well. Her cast of characters were colorful and never left me asking questions. I am very curious to see how the story continues to play out.

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