Guess who’s back???!!!!!

That’s right!!!!! We’re BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! Surprise!!!!!


Miss us? We missed you!!! So very very VERY much!!! We have been back and forth on just HOW much we missed you! We missed you so much, that we are actually putting together a contest to show you how much we missed you! It is going to take a bit to nail down the details but it will be coming to you really soon. What have you been up to? Have you read anything fun and exciting recently? Have you found a new author that you worship? Have you met your favorite author? Favorite book character? Have you listened to a new book?


Things over here at CCBB headquarters have been CRAZY busy!!! We have been reading and writing and doing everything we can to get back in tip top shape. We have been going through all of our swag from the past, our signed books, and our author lists to make sure that we can bring you the best on all fronts. We have reviews, news, and fun stuff all in store. We can’t wait to hear what YOU want us to do to help YOU get better-acquainted with the book world.

All our squiffy love,

Chick and Doll




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