Strip Teaser by Ava Manello



So, I picked up this book after speaking with an author friend who was signing in York (In England) last month. She told me who would be there. I started browsing and after finding I knew hardly ANY of these authors, I felt ashamed and got one click happy! I now own one by almost every author who was there.

Anyway, so I started with Strip Teaser by Ava Manello. I chose it because, well…strippers!


The book jumps right in with our main girl, Sally. Sally is an investigative journalist who is trying to build herself a serious career as a reporter. Her boss, on the other hand, is all about marketing, sales and getting people to buy the damn paper. So when the chance comes up to get paid for advertising a group of strippers, he sets Sally the task of writing a series piece about them!


She’s less than impressed! But, it’s that or the paper goes under and she loses her job. So reluctantly, she agrees.

Meet the guys! Alex, Tiny, Guido, Jackal, Rick, Jonny and Eric, their manager and ex-stripper himself.

It’s a little Magic Mike meets How To Loose A Guy In Ten Days?

The love story element is very much the sexual tension between Alex and Sally. Not something she anticipated and something she soon grows to hate after the guys inform her that he’s gay. Bummer.


There’s also a twist in the story that involves Sally having to sign up to a dating site to write an expose on married guys cheating via the internet. But what she doesn’t expect is to find her bestie’s husband there claiming to be single and childless!

It’s all very disturbing and when his marriage ends, he becomes totally unhinged and makes dangerous threats to Sally’s safety.


Naturally, the boys are having none of it as they now view her as part of the family!


Not least of all…Alex. Alex who’s struggling with his feelings and urges toward her after he promised Eric that he and the guys would stay away. Besides, she’s probably not interested and he’s totally been friend zoned…right?

This book has a lot going for it. I liked the music that the author used to tell the story and set the scene and the way it wasn’t insta-love. I did find it hard to visualize some of the routines described but that could just be me because I was totally going back to Magic Mike again!

I also liked the way Sally was independent. However, I’m not sure the use of the word feminist was quite accurate here.


It’s not about not wanting someone to carry your bags or holding doors open for you. It’s about having the right to do it yourself and the choice to. But that’s just something minor. It in no way takes away from the story as a whole.

Overall, I can’t say it was one of my favourite reads, but it was still pretty sweet. I enjoyed it and would certainly recommend it if you’re looking for a light, sweet and steamy read without all the heavy erotica.


Doll xoxo

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