Enticing Interlude (Tempest book #2)


To the talented vocalist Justin Jones, love is merely a game that he plays by his own rules. 
But to Bridget Dubois, love and heartache are one and the same. 
Broken too many times before, the delicate beauty keeps her emotions carefully concealed. Bridget has her own set of rigid rules when it comes to men. She prefers to avoid them altogether, especially dangerously seductive auburn haired emerald eyed players like Justin. 
But the new lead singer of the rising rock band Tempest doesn’t like to be ignored. Justin is used to getting what he wants, and now he’s set his sights on Bridget. 
Suddenly, it’s no longer a game. 
What do you do when the one you can’t have turns out to be the one you can’t live without? 
As the pressure builds, will it temper them or will it shatter them both like fragile crystal? 



“First impressions, shy smiles, soul searching, making memories. First kisses, independent spirit, fierce attitude. I can do it alone, but there strength in numbers, you don’t have to be brave, lean on me. I’ll be your shelter, for the days you need to hide, I’ll be your cheering section for the days you need to shine. Believe in the love, my kisses can provide, save you from the glass coffin of bittersweet irony.”

Your first impression of Gigi is the one you get from her encounter with Lace Lowell as she makes her way through rehab. She becomes the one Lace leans on through her time of need. But what will happen when the tables are turned. Bridget needs a friend and some form of order in this crazy chaotic world. Her little boy needs a family that seems to forever be just his mother as everything he knows fades away as the plane flies him away from his home. Will they find everything they need in a dense forest of the unknown?

“Thrill of the chase, hunting for the next thrill. Searching, pining for release. Captivated by your scent. Alabaster skin, white blonde doe, eyes if sapphire pierced my soul. Shattered my façade, forever changed. Up against the wall, saved me from myself. Life of impulse, mask of power. Hunt me, trap me in your liquid romance. Make me innocent again.”

Justin Jones has been through it all, up down and around. Now breaking free from the shadow of his rising star twin, to make his way as the lead in the ever popular band Tempest he is ready to strike out. But under that wolfish grin is a prince with a heart of gold. Leave them but don’t love them until the doe eyed innocence of truth and honor strike his soul. And before he knows what he is doing, he is beyond a shadow of a doubt searching for a way to break the glass mirror to get to the maiden as pure as the snow. But can he shed his past, to move toward his future?

A romance of epic proportions, with a symphony of gritty undertones, this book is everything you want out of a rock and roll romance. It takes you to levels beyond any you could even hope for. There is a good boy who rides a motor cycle, a sweet great who has the mouth of a sailor, a child who is far older than his youth portrays him to be. You have the back ground of a rock band, through in a few bullies, a drug related past, a mobster and an evil stepmother and voila perfect nighttime reading. Michelle has outdone herself with this one. A true interlude to a rock ballad rewritten



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