What’s Going on in the Candy Factory

Hey ya’ll,


Chick here! I know it has been a long while since you have seen a post from me but these past few months have been rough. Between family emergencies, loved ones leaving this realm and health issues things have been really difficult to get a handle on. Thankfully I have wonderful girls that have helped keep this blog going. Specially Angel who has taken on so very much in my absence. So this is the scoop right now. We are slowing things down a little bit in order to get the blog back in perfect working order. Doll is working on new graphics, Lady H is reading away and Angel and I are scouring all the emails to make sure we haven’t forgotten anyone. Yes there are contests that have not yet been answered, books that have not been posted yet and things we still need to get done but I promise you that it is getting worked on as I type this out. We are also going to be denying tour requests from here on out, only doing as we promised already and not accepting anymore. We are still reading and reviewing and would still love to be part of your cover reveals and announcements but as Mommies with kids, work, school and outside life it is just becoming too much. Reading is a pastime that should be treasured, deadlines are something we can’t work in the boundaries of right now.

Thanks for sticking with us!


Squiffiest love




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