The Blue Lute

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A musical star in his own time, Brandon Crowley lived in an age of prohibition and gangsters, surrounded by the glamour of old Hollywood and the comfort of true friendships. As co-owner of the notorious speakeasy, The Blue Lute, he poured his life and love into his business—as a storm fueled by passion, liquor, murder and money was unleashed. And in the midst of it all, Brandon simply … disappeared.

Fast forward 73 years and Lilly Charles, doctoral candidate in history, lives in a modern-day treasure trove of 1920s architecture—Manhattan’s St. Jean Apartments. The former hotel was once in the center of New York City’s jazz scene, and holds secrets Lilly is only beginning to discover.

When Lilly sees Brandon in a nearly three-quarters-of-a-century-old photograph from the basement of the St. Jean, her reality comes undone. Could he be the same man she just saw arrested for breaking into the building? As Lilly is drawn deeper into the mysteries of Brandon’s life, a new storm of desire and danger begins to brew. Beneath the silvery moon and glitter of Times Square, an epic love story across the decades is about to unfold.


For years I’ve been enthralled by time-travel stories. From Back to the Future—which I saw at age ten and quoted at my grandmother’s dinner table, “Let’s see if these bastards can go 90,” (yeah I got in trouble)— to Jude Deveraux’s A Knight in Shining Armor, the book my mother tore up on me because she thought it was, “nothing but pornography” (I was a naughty kid). Whatever the story, if it involved jumping decades or, even better, centuries, I loved it! I think it’s a history-lover’s dream come true to know about the past and be able to live through it. What historian wouldn’t love to see the signing of the Declaration of Independence or the pyramids of ancient Egypt being built from scratch?


When I began to write, I knew one book had to be about time travel. And what better place to go than the 1920s? The Prohibition, the lawlessness, speakeasies and flappers… To quote the musical Chicago, “Where the gin is cold and the piano’s hot.” Yep, that’s where I wanted to be and that’s where I started…in a speakeasy called The Blue Lute.

What time period would you go back to if you had the opportunity to time travel? Who would like to meet? What historical event would you like to see? Tell us in the comments below and enter to win a some Blue Lute swag and a FREE ebook.


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