Goodbye. Tchau. À bientôt, Arrivederci, Auf Wiedersehen,Do svidaniya and GOOD LUCK!

It’s with a heavy heart that we wave goodbye to our fellow blogger, J. J joined us a few short months ago as a valuable member of our review team. She leaves us today to pursue other projects and we wish her all the best for her future!

elvis-thanks good-luck-2157

It is due to J’s Departure that Candy Coated Author Event in Louisville has now been re-named and completely handed over to J. As her idea and hard work have gone into so much of the planning and organizing, we felt it only right to give her full credit, control and enjoyment of her event. It is now The Louisville Author Event. Candy Coated Book Blog will no longer be affiliated with the event. However, the blog IS currently organizing and planning it’s own event headed up by our glitter and sparkly leader, Chick.


As we say goodbye to J, we would like to take this opportunity to also welcome the new members of our team. Many of you have already met Angel who is a dynamite reviewer and promoter for the blog. Joining us from her very own book blog “Always A Book Lover,” Angel is fun, upbeat and very well read!


We also say hello to Lady! Lady is an amaze balls, squiffy addition to our team and many of you may have already seen some of her reviews. they’re a laugh out loud read! Keep your eyes peeled for more of her fun reviews!



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