Entwined With You



Okay, lets just clear a few things up before I get started. First, Sylvia Day did originally say this was a trilogy, yes. However, she DID release a statement saying that she would in fact be releasing more in the crossfire series after all. Awesome right?

Second, I am really p@*sed at seeing so many people returning the book simply because it’s not the end or because they disliked the story. That is NOT cool. You don’t go into a movie, watch it, dislike it then ask the theatre for your money back. Do you? And leaving a one star review without reading the book is also not acceptable. You cannot have a view on a book you haven’t even read. Lets be grown ups, people.

Third, this review contains spoilers and is my OWN opinion only! Hold off the lynch mob! tumblr_lpfl2crDSW1qkfwf2o1_500

My review

We pick up where we left off in book 2. Eva is confused and left reeling after discovering that Gideon is the man who murdered her stepbrother. We love Gideon and we quickly forgive him because, well, her stepbrother was a douche! I’m not saying I condone violence but as Gideon so rightly says, it was either Nathan died, or Eva would have. Gideon is under suspicion for a short time but with an airtight alibi, he’s quickly off the hook. This doesn’t stop Eva from worrying over it for the entirety of the novel though. She is constantly worried that Gideon’s secret will be outed and when Nathan is discovered with a piece of jewelery, they realise that someone knows Gideon killed him. The jewelery wasn’t there when Gideon left him. Dun dun dah!


The general flow of the story is fluid and it was nice to see the relationship between Carey and Eva blossoming again. Gideon and Eva have to keep their relationship a guarded secret until Gideon feels it is safe for them to be seen publicly together again. Though at times, it felt that the two of them weren’t really trying very hard to keep it under wraps. He doesn’t want to rouse suspicion with the police considering his entire alibi was his ex fiance! She’s a whole other subject on her own. Stalking Gideon like a lost little puppy, she’s desperate to get him back but he’s not interested.

Eva soon discovers that Gideon has bought the apartment next to hers. I find that a tiny bit…strange. I also found it strange that Eva had no idea he was living there. But, what I found more strange, was that when Eva claimed to be going out and was in fact next door, no one noticed that she never left the building. Her roommate doesn’t even notice. Her stalker mother, never questions why she’s home so much either.


Anyway, I really don’t have much to tell you in the way of a storyline because although I enjoyed it, there really wasn’t much of a plot per say. Eva and Gideon try desperately to get their relationship back on track after the heartbreak that occurred in book 2. There’s a lot of romance and LOADS of ‘I love you’ moments. We also see the return of Eva’s rock star ex.

The majority of the book is sex and although I enjoy a good bit of kinky fuckery as much as the next woman, there came a point where it was a little…repetative. They would fight and solve it with fucking and in one instance, they are having a heated discussion while Eva starts undressing! I was like…tumblr_m7nbvkXtxN1qb01kc

I also noticed that Gideon has undergone a personality transplant! Where is my hot, sexy, fierce, alpha male gone!? I demand his return immediately! I know the character needs to grow as a human being but I truly missed that jealous streak in Gideon. Especially when it came to Eva, Brett and THAT video. I’m looking forward to more Brett and Eva in book 4. I anticipate it will make for juicy stuff!


Gideon’s nightmares still plague him and I was glad when Sylvia write in about his medication and the doctor because I had actually forgotten.

Gideon’s, ex’s, husband also makes an appearance. Eva is extremely insecure when it comes to her, but considering she and Gideon were once engaged you can appreciate it. However, when she starts to meet with Brett socially, she turns into a bit of a hypocrite! He tells her how he still wants her and, in his words, wants to be inside of her again, she simply brushes him off and says she just wants to be friends! How is that okay!?

Essentially, the book goes like this.

  • Police question Eva
  • Gideon sneaks into Eva’s place
  • Sex
  • Breakfast and shower
  • Sex
  • Work
  • Sex
  • Work and sex at the same time
  • Nathan revelations
  • Sex
  • Ex’s drama
  • Sex
  • Eva’s father, mother and more drama
  • Sex
  • Gideon and his ex drama
  • Sex
  • More Nathan revelations
  • Sex
  • Vacation for the lovers
  • A quick marriage and pre-nump
  • Sex

A family reunion, some uncomfortable truths, Carey drama

And right at the end, we have a whole host of plot lines thrown at us. Mugami. Gideon’s mother. Another ex. Carey and his on / off relationships. And then the book ends rather abruptly.  How does it end, I hear you ask?


I realise I come across as overly critical of this book but overall, I did actually enjoy it. It wasn’t the rollercoaster I had expected or hungered for after the first two books but, it was enjoyable. Sylvia’s descriptive and graphically accurate writing made visualisation very easy and I love that about her. The story was a little thin but I’m assuming Mrs Day is just wetting our appetites for the grand feast on book 4. If you were looking for this to be the finale or a novel filled with twists, turns and jaw dropping moments…I’m afraid you’ll be left wanting. However, if you genuinely enjoy the crossfire series and it’s characters, as I do, this book is a must read. Re-familliarising myself with the story and learning a little more about each character was enjoyable and I didn’t know what to expect when I began reading so I wasn’t left particularly disappointed. I do think, as readers, we raise our expectations sometimes to ridiculous heights and standards that cannot possibly be met. We’re literary junkies always searching for that high we felt when we picked up that first novel by the author. It will NEVER feel that way. It was your first. Like your first love or first lover, it was unique and every single encounter after is also unique. Should we really compare them to the last? Is that fair? I’d say no which is why this book gets a decent 3 candies from me. I look forward to the next installment.

Doll xxx



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