Hey ya’ll!!! I am Chick from the squiffily fabulous Candy Coated Book Blog, and I have been chosen to tell you about my NA crush. First a little about me…I am a complete geek. I blog, I take pictures, sometimes I think I am a faerie, I am a bookworm, and I’m a Mommy. Now, about my NA crush – Quinlan Farrel Kavanagh aka Quin, from the Mystic series by B.C. Burgess. Quin’s a true hero in every sense on the word. He is smart, funny, passionate, deeply romantic and a genuine good guy. Let me give you a little glimmer into his magical soul…


I know you’re wondering what Quin looks like. Well, Other than the marvelous representation above, let me try to describe him to you.

His eyes are dark-brown, smoldering and soulful, with flashes of amber in the light.

His hair is the same color as his eyes, shiny and tousled and perfect for running your fingers through.

His lips are full and kissable and framed by deep dimples and a strong jaw.

He has lickable washboard abs, and powerful arms that can sweep you off your feet or wrap you in a warm hug.

His hands are gentle enough to hold your heart and tough enough to make sure it doesn’t break.

He is a walking god.

And did I mention he can make magic happen with a snap of his fingers? (Just think what else those fingers can do)


The inside scoop

I love Quin because he’s magical, honest, outspoken and respectful of women. He has a past, but it isn’t a shocking one, just a guy having some fun before he met the one. And he recognized the ONE as soon as he met her. He believes in romance and love at first sight. He knows the importance of coffee and a walk on the beach. He appreciates simple white panties! He will give you your heart’s desire but encourage you to take it on your own. He will give his life for those who hold his heart, and his loyalty knows no bounds.

Still not sold? Check out these Quinspirations:

“I want to provide for you. I want to keep you safe and happy. It’s why I breathe. If you’re not taken care of, I’m not taken care of.”

“Nothing else out there calls my name louder or sweeter than you, and nothing will keep me from answering. It’s the call I have been waiting for. It’s my peace and my purpose, and now that I’ve heard it, I’d be lost without it.”

“I do what I do because it’s what you deserve, and that’s the only way I’ll ever deserve you.”

“You made me the happiest man on earth the day you walked into my life.”

Quin deserves to win the crush tourney because he is the WHOLE package. He is gorgeous, intelligent, romantic, strong, passionate and magical. Quin has no hidden agenda or secrets. He is just pure heart and soul.

The most amazing man deserves an amazing video. Check it out below

Become one of Quin’s Angels and #VoteQuin at the #NACrushTourney

Please Vote For Quin and Pass it on!!!


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