Depths (Lengths)


Do you believe in love at first phone call?

Cohen Rodriguez, Deo’s hilarious, über responsible best friend in LENGTHS got dumped by his longtime girl because he’s ‘not impulsive enough,’ and he’s burned up.

But maybe, just maybe, she’s more right than he wants to admit. So he starts to date.
A lot.
But no one really feels like the one. And the more girls he dates, the more Cohen’s convinced she isn’t really out there.

Luckily he has Maren—the girl with the sexy voice who always cracks the best jokes. They’ve been talking daily for a year…on the phone. What started as all work soon blooms into friendship. 

Then she asks him.

Do you want to meet?

He’s scared out of his mind to ruin the one easy, fun relationship he has going for him. But he takes the plunge, and things are just fine, totally easy and comfortable.

Except that they both sense it’s not strictly platonic…there is an undeniable attraction and absolute raw chemistry between them…and every time they’re in the same room, that attraction gets deeper and harder to ignore. 

Maren could be the best thing that’s ever happened to Cohen… Or she could send his carefully compartmentalized life into a tailspin.

Cohen has to decide if he’s ready to let go of his comfortable fantasy and embrace the one girl who might be able to change his luck in love.


So I have read this book quite a few times since I got it and I have fallen more and more in love with it each time. It took me quite a while to actually write a review about it because I honestly didn’t know what to say. This series and these two authors hold a very special place in my heart as the first indie book I ever read was Lengths. I grew attached to the indie world but more importantly to the story and the characters Steph and Liz handed over for me to roll around in. When I met them in Boston, I had already done an interview with both boys as part of a Valentine’s Day promo and was looking forward to telling them how much they meant to me. I promised I would not cry but I purposely didn’t wear eyeliner in case I broke that promise (Liz is REALLY TALL). I did tear up and got to explain to them what it was like to have my world rocked by their imaginations. When I got my signed copy of the books I was promised Cohen. Well by Liz, Steph said we were going to fight over him (but I think I can take her). I didn’t crack that copy open, waiting until the blog slowed down until I could dive into the depths of this world once more. And this is what I found.

Depths is more than just a book about a guy trying to find his way back from a broken heart. Cohen is predictable in that dorky charming way. His woman of a billion years is less than enthused about it and decides that she wants more. He is left to his own devises and falls into this tumble of despair to which his best friend Deo and his girl Whit try to pry him out of. What he doesn’t realize is that he has already begun building the foundation of a relationship that will be more than just a rebound. After more than one HORRIFYING date (I really hope you didn’t pull these from real life experiences), he beings to realize he finds solace in the voice at the other end of the line. The person who has listened to his business side and his personal side. The one he pulls out of the dumps and the one who makes him laugh. But is she the one that will help him survive a zombie apocalypse? Only time will tell…

This book is about the depths of love, of inner strength, of friendship and of courage to put yourself back together once you have been broken. Such a good read. I love these gals so very very much<3


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