Captive In The Dark & Seduced In The Dark (The Dark Duet) by CJ Roberts *Contains Spoilers*

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Oh, my god! Okay, first it has to be noted that it has taken me far too long to write-up a review for these books and the reason? I just couldn’t find the words!


Let me introduce to you to Livvy. I love this girl. Unloved, unwanted and truly under appreciated, she stands on a quiet street. Nothing extraordinary about this girl or her life until…she’s kidnapped!


Meet Caleb. Sweet, sexy, damaged, cruel, twisted and oh so confusing, Caleb! After picking our girl up, plucking her from the world as she knew it and tossing her into a small, dark room, he shows little signs of compassion or love in any sense. I hated him. His torturous ways and callous heart drove me insane. Well, most of the time. Caleb toys with Livvy’s fear, freedom and heart in ways that I cannot even describe! Keeping her prisoner, he begins to groom her into a perfect sex slave. Livvy is going to be sold and all in the name of revenge! The beatings, hurtful words and cruel games he plays with her made me so freaking angry I wanted to cut of his nuts and stuff them in his mouth!  he enjoyed inflicting this psychological, physical and emotional pain on her!

Tears had always been mystifying to him. He liked looking at them, tasting them. Truth be told, they made him hard.

The sexual sadist was a hot, sexy and infuriating beast and I wanted to kiss him and throat punch him all at once! Ahem, or something like that..


But then, out of nowhere, he turns all protective! After being attacked by one of Caleb own men, Livvy seeks solace and protection from him and Caleb is all too willing to provide it. He needs Livvy intact if she’s going to be desirable to his buyer. Completely intact.  After more games, torture and sexual arousal, Caleb begins to get very confused about his role in all of this. Finding himself feeling things that he knows are wrong, he distances himself from Livvy and begins to treat her even more harshly. And all of this happens just when I was beginning to love him!

But it’s clear that he feels a certain pull toward her and if I’m honest, I was starting to feel it for him! He beats, whips, sexually assaults and drives Livvy crazy and yet she and I were falling for him!


You see, there’s also another side to this story. Caleb has a tortured past is clearly a lost soul. Without going into too much detail…shit is fucked up. Abused, abandoned and raised by a man that he both respects deeply and fears equally, he is doing everything to Livvy for Rafiq and his plan for revenge on a man who shamed his family.

It becomes clear that the both Livvy and Caleb are falling for one another and I did wonder if Livvy had Stockholm syndrome but if she did, I did too! When she finally escapes from her captors, she finds herself running into more and perhaps, I know I couldn’t belive it either, worse trouble! Beaten and almost raped by a group of bikers, Livvy’s hell just gets worse and worse. But fear not…Caleb comes to her rescue.


It’s clear during these scenes just how much he feels for her for as he discovers her in her battered and broken state, no man is left un punished. He is furious! But even with all of this, he still refuses to give in to his feelings and let her go or better still, take her away with him. No, he is dedicated to his master and after confessing his feelings to her, he waits until she is healed and the plan to sell her resumes.

“Thank you,” Livvie muttered from the passenger seat.
“For what?” Caleb was still irritated. “For saving my life. Even if you’re just going to put it in danger again,” she whispered.”

I was like…WHAT!?


How could he do this? Why? Why? Why?

So there I was, heartbroken and angry when I decided to dive right in to the next book. Oh, my God! Just when I think my heart can’t ache any further…it did.

They’ve made love. She’s not a virgin! I’m thinking…he can’t possibly still go through with it! He loves her. But no, still they continue the journey to the location where Livvy will meet Rafiq and be taken away for selling. Caleb must get her ready and what follows are some vert cruel games. Completely in love with him, Livvy is faced with a heart wrenching realisation that Caleb simply won’t release her and he also won’t choose her over Rafiq. She breaks.

I found this particular part of Seduced In The Dark so hard to read because…I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. Poor Livvy is shattered and I was too.

It takes Caleb a long time and some very difficult truths but eventually…he discovers the reasons behind his tortured past and in a shocking twist, he has to run! He runs and he takes Livvy with him.

I was so ecstatic! I was jumping off my seat with happiness! He’s finally done it and I could stop feeling bad for loving him!


And then…he abanodons her! I . Have. Never. Cried. So . Hard. Forcing Livvy to walk away from him and back across the border and back to her home, he sacrifices his love, happiness and everything I wanted them to have, for her safety.

“Live for me, Kitten. Be all those things you’d never be with me. Go to school. Meet a normal boy and fall in love. Forgive me. It’s time for you to go, Kitten. Time for us both, to go.”


I couldn’t think. I couldn’t speak or breathe. I was devastated. I had to leave my kindle for an hour in time out!


When I finally got the courage to pick it back up again, I was furious to find some FBI agent trying to get Livvy to tell him about Caleb! He even tries to convince her that Caleb felt nothing for her and that he’s a criminal! Poor Livvy is distraught and I knew exactly how she felt! Asshole! I’m like, you don’t know him! You don’t know his life!

Anyway, after getting a new identity and life, Livvy tries to move on but with Caleb on her mind, it’s hard. Then, one day she gets a note…

“I can’t imagine what you must think of me…And I don’t expect you’ve forgiven me. Still, selfishly I have to ask you – are you glad I made you get out of the car? Was I right? Was everything you felt for me on account of my manipulation? If so, please know I am deeply sorry. that I will NEVER bother you again – I swear you’ll never have cause to fear me. But if I was wrong. If you still care for me – meet me? Paceo de colon, San Sebastia tower eight o’ clock tonight  -C”

I was like, Girl, you know who that be from and you KNOW you are going right!?


I won’t spoil the end but I have to say that after reading these books, I had a book hangover for a week! I was totally blown away and I cannot wait for Epilogue! I adored CJ’s writing style and the way I fell for the unlikely hero! It was a breath of fresh air from the romance and erotica I usually pick up. BRAVO! My mind was totally blown and my heart had a minor cardiac event!


I loved it. Adored it and CANNOT wait to get my hands on Epilogue later this month!

Doll xx

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Epilogue – Release Date: June 15th

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