Winter Omens (The Last Year #2)


Althea and Lucas barely escaped the Others’ clutches in the autumn, and were separated in the process. Alone and on the run from the cruel alien race determined to exterminate her, Althea struggles to adapt and survive in a world she never imagined. 

When a boy named Pax appears out of nowhere, he quickly recognizes Althea for what she is – a human/Other hybrid just like him. Althea begs him to help her find Lucas, but Pax refuses, intent on following his own mysterious agenda. 

The Others’ presence continues to devour the planet’s resources, and if history is an indication, they won’t leave until Earth is destroyed beyond repair. Althea and Pax sense the only way to save themselves – and maybe their home – is to understand the powers simmering inside them. 

Together they push the limits of their capabilities in the quiet Wilds, but are soon confronted with a terrifying fact: no place is safe from the relentless pursuit of the Others.

Least of all their own minds.

5 cakes

Trisha Leigh continues to keep me amazed with this young adult series. I love how you fall in love with each character and hold your breath when things get tough. This is the second book in the series. Althea is separated from Lucas and on the run. Along the way she runs into Pax. Pax is autumn. And there is an instant attraction to him considering his attitude. I love how you can feel the turmoil that Althea goes through with having an attraction to Pax and missing Lucas so bad. And it’s amazing to watch the relationship between Althea and Pax unfold along their stressful journey together. Pax wants to go back to Portland from Des Moines. And all Althea wants to do is fine Lucas. Pax is being difficult though and Althea doesn’t know if she can get him on their side to help fight the Others. I won’t write anymore for fear of putting spoilers in this. This book is very suspenseful and full of surprises. If you’ve read the first book, then you know this one is worth reading as well! It only gets better from here!

The reason I chose to do a joint review with J on this series is because it affected me so very much. When I started these books I was so swept away in the amazingness of it all that I had to share it with someone else. When J joined the blog I knew she was the perfect person to pass along this magic too. This book was devastating and wonderous all in the same aspect. When Althea loses Lucas and struggles to get him back your heart shatters for her because you can feel how she feels. When Pax (Autumn) comes into her life you feel this flame that you have never really felt before. In Lucas there is a raw emotion and in Pax there is this serene peace. Although they are dystopian in nature there is a real care that Trisha takes to make them as close to the heart as possible. You feel with the character and become so wrapped up in their journey that you want to scream when the book ends. She is an artist with a quill. Bravo!


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