Starlight Cover

October 1952 finds eighteen-year-old Marie Bates relocating from her rainy hometown in the Pacific Northwest to the sun-soaked streets of Los Angeles, California. Marie’s plans for a teaching career take an unexpected turn when she’s asked to take a screen test at a major motion picture studio.

Renamed Elizabeth Sutton by the studio heads, she lands her first role as an extra. On set, Elizabeth spies Aidan Evans, a rebellious, twenty-three-year-old Method actor from New York. Aidan is branded as a stuck-up troublemaker by his famous Hollywood peers, but Elizabeth suspects a tragic secret lurks behind his steely facade. 

As their careers hit the fast track and friendship evolves into romance, the expectations of Hollywood stardom threaten to shine a spotlight on Aidan’s dark past before he can make peace with it. Elizabeth must help Aidan confront the painful event that shattered his life and conquer a terrifying truth before it destroys him and their future together.

The first book in the Starlight Trilogy, Starlight is a story of love and redemption set against the backdrop of the final years of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

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First and foremost i want to say i was so privileged to be asked to participate in this release. This book is so off the beaten path of romances nowadays that it just blew me away. Alexandra’s characters are fresh-faced and enlivening  to read about. They embody everything you can look in the mirror and see for yourself as well as what you saw as a child growing up. The golden age of Hollywood is such a cherished memory and one so very hard to capture, that as a film junkie I was so excited by the way all the stars were written. The Hondo scene toward the beginning was spot on. Marie was such a sweet, wonderful lovely character. Olivia I wanted to put in my pocket to keep my company on my bad days and Aidan….Can we say *swoon*?! I may or may not be a little “Rebel Without a Cause” fangirl, but he was just yummy. Such a wonderful book, and one that I will definitely curl up with again. Can’t wait to see what comes next ❤ ❤

  • B&N and iTunes take a little longer but all the versions are available on Smashwords! 🙂

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