J’s Columbus Author Event Swag Giveaway!!

So I had a fabulous time at the Columbus Author Event this past Saturday! I met all kinds of awesome authors, picked up some swag, got some books signed, and even got leg humped. Yup. It happens. But I want to share the love with you on all the cool swag that I was able to swipe! So you get to reap the benefits of my little 3 hour drive up to Columbus! How squiffy is that? Here are the prize packs below. I have a total of (4) of them for you to choose from. All you have to do is look through the four, figure out which one you want, and start entering the giveaway! And…. GO!

Prize Pack #1
(2) Madeline Sheehan Postcards (1 signed)
(1) Madeline Sheehan sticker
(1) Signed Tara Sivec condom
(1) Signed Tara Sivec bookmark
(1) Signed Amber Lynn Natusch Postcard
(1) Signed K.A. Robinson bookmark
(1) Signed Amy Bartol bookmark
(1) Kelsie Leverich magnet
Prize Pack #2
(1) Signed Kelli Maine postcard (on back)
(1) Signed Amber Lynn Natusch postcard
(1) Signed Amy Bartol bookmark
(1) Signed Claire Contreras bookmark
(1) Tara Sivec bookmark
(1) Signed Kelsie Leverich postcard
(1) Kelsie Leverich magnet
(1) Signed K.A. Robinson bookmark
(1) Aleatha Romig “Consquences” button
Prize Pack #3
(1) Madeline Sheehan postcard
(1) Madeline Sheehan big bookmark signed
(1) Madeline Sheehan sticker
(2) Michelle A. Valentine postcards (both signed)
(1) Black Falcon guitar pic (Michelle A Valentine)
(1) Tara Sivec bookmark signed
(1) Tara Sivec condon signed
(1) K.A Robinson bookmark signed
(1) Amy Bartol bookmark signed
Prize Pack #4
(1) Kelsie Leverich postcard signed
(1) Kelsie Leverich magnet
(1) Madeline Sheehan bracelet that says “Wild Pussy”
(2) Michelle A. Valentine postcards signed!
(1) Tara Sivec bookmark signed
(1) Black Falcon guitar pic (Michelle Valentine)
(1) K.A. Robinson bookmark signed
(1) Kathryn Vance-Perez bookmark signed

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