Chick’s Wild BAE Extravaganza and HUGE GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT

So I had the extreme pleasure of taking the trip up to Boston this past weekend with one of my closest friends Adriane Boyd (author of Walking away). Though we didn’t arrive till late we managed to have a fantastic day in Boston MA at the Boston Authors Event. I have put together all the pictures that I took (or had taken of me as it were) along with a play-by-play of everything I remember that day. It was hectic and I was a total fan girl so pardon me for being forgetful. I had a wonderful time, and want to thank everyone for being there!!!!  And stay tuned. At the end of my ramblings I have a HUGE announcement =^D

P1020003This is where the awesome event took place, the Omni Hotel in Boston MA. And these are the authors that were there.  

Amber Lynn Natusch
Amy Bartol
Amy Miles
Andrea Randall
C.J. Roberts
Colleen Hoover
Denise Grover Swank
E.L. Montes
Georgia Cates
Jenn Sterling
Jessica Park
Jillian Dodd
K.A. Linde
Karina Halle
Katie Ashley
Kendall Grey
Laura Bradley Rede
Liz Reinhardt
Madeline Sheehan
Maggi Myers
Nyrae Dawn
Raine Miller
Rebecca Donovan
R.L. Mathewson
S.C. Stephens
Shannon Morton
Steph Campbell
Tara Sivec
Tarryn Fisher
Tina Reber

The line was terribly long and according to sources I have when I got in it got even longer. I forgot my jacket and the lovely Adriane P1020004lent me her sweater which left her without a jacket. Luckily we managed to get in after only waiting a little over an hourish. 

So when I went in, the first lovely lady I met was Nyrae Dawn, who spent a good 5 minutes with me trying to get my markers to work so she could sign my bag. Then I spun around and heard an itty bitty squeal of joy and got squeeze hugged by the wonderous E.L. Montes, who now professes that hugging is kinda her thing. She seriously gives the best hugs EVER! P1020007

P1020006Next up I wandered over to these ladies. And i had promised Liz I wouldn’t cry so I made the effort not to. Though the first thing she said to me was “Did you dye your hair? It looks good!” (I almost cried). A little background, Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt’s Length’s was the first indie book I ever read and it was the book that got me back into reading after a really long time of going without. Their Deo was my first book boyfriend and though I have moved on to Cohen (sorry Steph, Liz said every inch of him is mine), these two women hold a very very special place in my heart ❤

I then got a snuggle from THE LAURA HOWARD (I think she’s an author?) I love her so much ❤

I then got to meet the very fabulous Amy Bartol, Georgia Cates (who I could listen to for DAYS) and Tina Reber. And I made my way over to Colleen Hoover, regaling her of tales of the fans in line who were crying because they wanted to meet her so badly. She said ” Oh I hope I live up to their expectations” Sweet as pie she was! 



Then I turn around to greet Denise Grover Swank and this gorgeous lady says to me “I know who you are, I’m Trisha”. And here I am thinking, alright we must be FB friends so I smile and say hi just enjoying the fact that someone recognizes me. And then she asks me if I want a button from her book. And she hands me a Last Years button and I squeal because I put two and two together. It was Trisha Leigh!!! I totally squiffed out, and I am sorry if I neglected Denise other than shoving my phone in her hand to take a picture but I was NOT expecting one of my favorite authors to recognize me!

Then this happened….


And my exact words during this whole thing were OMG DO I LOOK LIKE A FANGIRL CUZ IM TOTALLY A FANGIRL!!! I showed Jillian my Team Aidan socks, and she signed a whole bunch of stuff to give to ya’ll and I was so excited to meet her that I…..forgot to buy a book…sadness……

I then gave some love to Amy Miles and Laura Bradley Rede and Got tapped on the shoulder and smushed by a super squifftastic woman who not only made me smile but showed me how not to hold my head in a pic so it wouldn’t look weird. Jenn Fn Sterling!


I then had a moment of complete zen. I seriously almost had to change my panties. It was heart stopping, essence changing, this woman will change your world just by breathing in your very direction. CJ Roberts is a GODDESS. She is funny and witty and drop deadP1020017 gorgeous. And i wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating Raisinet’s ;^D

I then got to meet the lovely Kendall Grey who was just totally delightful. And waited in line with the rest of the hooting and hollerin crowd to cuddle up (or get humped by) Tara Sivec. She really is just that funny, in person, I heart her face right off. 

P1020018 Next up I got to meet the totally sweet Maggi Meyers, and I with the crowd hadn’t been so crazy or i would have stayed to chat with her a little longer. So I wondered on down to the table that I did a little dance in front of with Andrea Randall whom was awesome enough to have yet another author helping her Michelle Pace. Michelle gave me a gorgeous present and Andrea gave me a gorgeous Bo and we took two adorable pictures (Mind you this is the ONLY picture I have with my Adriane though I have known her FOREVER)

P1020022 P1020021

I unfortunately did not get to meet S.C Stephens of K.A. Linde because the line was ridiculous (Kellan brings the ladies in). I did get to spend time with Karina Halle (super awesome) and R.L. Mathewson (AMAZING) and had a very interesting book talk with Shannon Morton and Amber Lynn Natusch. Finally I got to meet and thank the darling Raine Miller for being such a big part of our huge giveaway last month

So now that you have my Boston story and have gotten to see what I look like I shall tell you what the wonderous news is. I have SWAG. LOTS AND LOTS OF SWAG!!! I shall show you pictures of all the swag and thell you exactly what I am going to do with it


These are my books. There may be one or two for you ;^D

P1020027 P1020026

This is the SQUIFFY bag that I handmade. And had ALL the authors sign. It will be up for grabs ❤


P1020030 P1020029This is all the swag that was gotten. The close up of Tara’s condom I felt was a must. The totes are from Jillian Dodd and Denise Grover Swank.

So here is the scoop. I will be giving away my handmade SIGNED bag.  I will be giving away TWO signed books. One from Amy Bartol and One from Denise Grover Swank. I will be giving away TWO totes One signed one from Jillian Dodd and One from Denise Grover Swank. I will also be putting together a handful of swag bags to ship out, they are going to be mystery bags so I don’t even know what is going to be in them. This is what you have to do to win. Help CCBB hit 1000 likes on FB. We are so close to 900 I can taste it. Once with hit 1000 I will be putting up a Rafflecopter for these prizes plus a few more. This is an INTERNATIONAL giveaway so get the word out there.

Lots of squiffy love

The Gals at CCBB


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