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I get excited about blog tours in general, because it means new amazing books to read, books to giveaway and new authors to get to know but I am thrilled about this one. I have had the distinct privladge of getting to know JM in the past few months and love her to absolute pieces. So instead of going on and on about how much I love JM Schroder, how bout we get to know about this awesome book that she released called Thunderstorm. (Follow all the linkies below to find our more about the book and enter for a chance to win your very own copy)

thunderblue (2)


What you thought you knew about the BIBLE…

 is about to CHANGE.

What if you found out you were the granddaughter of the first woman, no not Eve, but Lilith? After 150 years Dika Edens, the oldest of 4 girls each destined to live forever finds out that very thing. She is not sure if it is a curse or a gift from the Gods. All she knows is the man that has informed her of this has way too much guilt on his shoulders regarding her and her past. Chrome is her Guardian but that does not mean he can protect her from everything. He should be the first one to know that – since he is the one telling her that she must save the world.

My name is Dika, I am an American born Hungarian, Polish, Spanish Gypsy with a little bit of something special, born right here in the green state of Oregon, home of the Beavers. History would be changed in a matter of a few words spoken from the man that has been haunting my dreams. My sisters and I need to save the world and if we don’t the Universe will cease to exist as we know it.

My name is Chrome Jai, Dragon Guardian to Dika Edens, created to protect her from the evils of the first human woman mother of mankind. I will protect her as she fights to save the humans, but her first assignment will be to make it through the first 48 hours and find her Aunt and her Grandmother.

We will go together to hell and back just to fix the mess of the Gods and man.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…Even though Chrome is super focused on Dika and has guardian duties to uphold, he gave us the honor of answering a few questions we had for him. I hope we didn’t make him too uncomfy, you be the judge 

How does it feel to be a “Book Boyfriend?” 

It feels amazing.  I had been stuck in JM’s head for way too long.  She has been dreaming of me for so long.  I thought I would be ancient by the time I got out.

 What’s your favorite part about it? 

The freedom that I have now to actually touch Dika.  She finally sees me, I actually had the luck of touching my Dika.

 Is there anything about being one that you really hate or would change if you could?

I would love to be a real man. It would be amazing.  I would have the opportunity to get out a lot more.  It wouldn’t just be when Ms. Schroder decided to let us out to play.  She really has a way with words.  But the world she has created for us is kind of cruel don’t you think.  We are in the middle of the end of times.

What do you think makes you a good book boyfriend?

I have no idea what makes a good boyfriend.  I am a guardian, Dika’s guardian.  I was protected to take care of her.  Not be a boyfriend.  But touching, tasting and loving her is just a perk of the duties.  No, no, no that came out wrong.  She is not a duty she is my life, my heart and my very soul.  And that is the truth I was created from a little piece of her soul.  We are connected.

 Are you a romantic hearts and flowers kind of guy?

No we do not have time for hearts and flowers.  But I do however make sure she has her raspberry mocha latte every morning. 

 What could a girl expect on a date with you?

 A date, what is a date.  A good day for us is staying out of hell and out of a fight for a life.  When the apocalypse is over and we have kicked the crap out of Lucifer and Eve then I will try that date thing.

 What about a good night kiss? Or maybe a little more…  

 A good night kiss.  UMMM.  Now that I can do.  I love Dika’s goodnight kisses.  They usually involve a look and then her transporting us somewhere while losing our clothes.  That mind of hers really knows how to take advantage of a man.

Best pick up line you’ve used?  

The only line I ever used is I am your Guardian.  That is all I had to say.

Did it work?

Yep I got the girl

Favorite sexual position?

Dika on top, and me tied to her bed.   Or me down between….oh hell you get the idea.  That is also my favorite desert

Do you like dirty girls or the girl next door?   

I like the girl next door that can turn in to the dirty girl of my dreams.

Most exciting or adventurous place you got, ahem, down and dirty?

Well that would have to be in the in between.  She shocked the shit out of me.  Just started rubbing up on me. 

Quick fire round! We say a word and you say the first thing that comes to mind….ready?

Flowers  – beautiful


Loveagain Dika

Giftto be able to go a day without the murderous bitch after my woman


Chocolatewouldn’t that be fun to lick off Dika

Tongueoh that tongue.  How I long to have in running up and …. Oh hell I forgot you were here. 


Handsdainty and soft. 


Sex  – Now

Bed  – doesn’t matter

Wet  – Dika

That was fun huh?  

 Yep, I am off I am going to find Dika and sorry I am out of here.

It was fun to have him in the office. He is something to look at…mmmm all tasty and yummy with these gorgeous lips. I will have to see if I can locate a snapshot of him. You have to pick up the book and find out about him and the rest of the guardians. As well as the daughters and the world the J.M. built for them. It is unique and amazing and we love it ❤

The Awesomesauce Author

JMS 2 (2)

Jennie Schroder lives with her husband and three amazing and energetic children in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She studies Court Reporting at Sumner College in Portland, Oregon. Her love of writing took off in her junior high school years in Mrs. Eckert’s Creative Writing Class. Now she is sharing the stories in her head with everyone because there are way too many to keep to herself. If not writing, seeking out readers, interacting and thanking her amazing supporters, or daydreaming about her next story or being a very exhausted mother to 2 young boys and a teenage daughter, Jennie loves most to be playing with her family – indoors and out and reading.


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