My Ollie Valentine




*Doll heads for the office and hears the loud humming of bass guitars, the loud twang of electric guitars and the thunder of drums. All Time Low’s ‘Stella’ blasts at her as she opens the office door. Decorating the office in homemade posters sporting a Team Ollie slogan, C is wearing her very own Team Oliver shirt, a far too short for her age denim skirt and possibly an entire tub of body glitter!*

Doll – Um, C, don’t you think this is a little excessive?

C – NO! My Ollie is coming today! I’m so excited I could quite possibly pee my pants. One way or another, that boy gets my panties moist!

Doll – Eww. Do you really think all of this *signals at the décor* is necessary?

C – Yes! I’m showing him the love! The Team Ollie spirit squad is relying on me to do our boy proud and show him our support.

Doll – O….K. What time is he getting here anyway?

C – He’s here.

Doll – Where?

C – Well, I may have gotten a little over excited…

Doll – What did you do!?

C – *Points at the bathroom where a dishevelled looking, dark haired, black t-shirt and faded jeans wearing rock star emerges from.*

Ollie – God damn body glitter. I’ll be scrubbing this shit off for days. *Brushes himself down*

Doll – *Giving C a warning look* Hi, Ollie, I’m Doll!

Ollie – Hey.

Doll – Thanks so much for doing this! We’re so excited!

Ollie – I wasn’t really given much choice… *Stares at C*

C – *Snuggle leaps at Ollie* You love it, you know you do!

Ollie – *Almost falls backward* I just got the last lot of glitter off of me!Ollie 3

Doll – C, get off! We need him to do the interview!

C – *Climbing off of him* Fine. If I have to.

Doll – You HAVE to. Ollie, come and sit and we can begin the interview.

Ollie – Thanks.

C- *Scoots chair right up to Ollie’s and sit’s sideways with feet on his lap*

Ollie – Ahem *Looks at feet* I don’t really have a foot fetish.

C – *Shrugs* But I have an Ollie one so we’re balanced.

Ollie – *Rolls eyes*

Doll – So, Ollie, How does it feel to be a “Book Boyfriend?”


Ollie – *Smiling* Pretty awesome. I like having fans and the girls are pretty cool. I have twitter and Facebook so it’s great to talk to them all that way.

C – Damn groupies!

Doll – He can’t have fans now?

C – They practically lick his toes!

Doll – Eww.

C – It’s true. It’s oh Ollie this and I love you Ollie that. Fangirls.

Doll – And you’re what?

C – The original fan girl. There’s a difference.

Ollie – Yeah, nuts.

C – I resent that!

Doll – I agree with it. You’re out voted.

C – *Pouts*

Ollie – *Gives C a wink and smile* Next question?

C – Sure thing rock star. What’s your favorite part of being a book boyfriend?

 Ollie – You mean apart from all the chicks adoring me and wanting to rip my clothes off? Probably the support that ‘Team Ollie’ gets. *Fist punches air* My cheerleaders rock! Hard!

 C – *Gets out pom poms* Gimmie an O!

 Doll and Ollie stare at her, waiting for her to continue.


C – That’s it. Seriously man candy..gimmie an O!


Doll – You have no shame!


C – Not when it comes to Ollie M Green.


Doll – M? What does the M stand for?


Ollie – Michael.


C – Oliver Michael Green.


Doll – Wait so that means you’re initils are…


C – *Shaking pom poms and jumping around* OMG! OMG! OMG!


Ollie – That’s a familiar sound….


Doll – I’m sure it is *Raising an eyebrow*


Ollie – You look like that douchecanoe when you do that.


Doll – Hey, Team Jared over here emo pr-


C – *Lunges at Doll, knocking her off her chair and onto the floor, pinning her.* Take it back!


Doll – Get off of me! He was insulting my man! Jared Garrett is the sweetest, most loyal, attentive, hot, sexy, smold-


C – *Holds hand over Doll’s mouth.*


Doll – merrng, rcks m sks uff…*Muffled praise for Jared.*


Ollie – *Leans back in chair with arms folded behind head.* Whenever you’re ready ladies.


C – *Still pinning and muzzling Doll* Okay! Is there anything about being a book boyfriend that you really hate or would change if you could?


Ollie – Sometimes it can be a little intense. I promised to behave after I got a little crazy over the holidays. The girls sure make it hard. *Shaking head* Really hard.


C – *Whispers to Doll, who is pinned beneath* Oh my god. He said hard. Making it hard. I’m moist for sure!


Ollie 4Doll – *Protests and tries to push C off*


C – Can you behave?


Doll – *Nods*


C – *Removes hand and moves back to sit at Ollie’s feet, gazing up at him.*


Ollie – Weird.


C – Unique.


Ollie – Okay…


Doll – Ahem, so , what do you think makes you a good book boyfriend? Like, what gets the ladies all jello legged and swooning?


C – Seriously!? Have you seen him? Tattoo’s, lip ring I wanna bite, eyebrow ring, guitar…he’s f#*king hot!


Doll – I was asking him…..not you fan girl.


Ollie – I answer the girls when they talk to me. I use my twitter and Facebook to keep them updated. Plus, there’s the guitar, Ducati Monster and my eight inch cock.  *Adjusts pants*


C – Gonna need to see it to believe it stud.


Ollie – You doubt me?


Doll and C – *Both nod*


Ollie – *Shrugs* Okay… *stands, unzips pants and pulls down shorts*


C – *mouth drops open and somewhere between a mewl and a moan are heard* I…I…I….yes..please?


Doll – *Jaw practically drags on the ground* Wow.


C – Back off Doll! It’s mine, I saw him first!


Doll – *Rolling eyes* C, close your mouth and your legs! Stop staring at it!


C – I can’t. It’s beautiful. It’s so perfect I want to knit it a hat!


Doll – crossed the line in to weird.


Ollie – *Zips up pants* Glad we cleared that up. Can we move on?


C – I can’t think straight.


Doll – Um, errm…oh, okay. I know, Are you a romantic hearts and flowers kind of guy?


Ollie – If the situation calls for me to be then yeah. Sure. Why shouldn’t a girl get flowers? I would give Layla an entire meadow of them.  *Looks at the floor and shrugs* If she’d let me.


C – *Finally regains use of her tongue which is now back inside her mouth and not drooling out of it.* If that girl ever hurts you again…I will end her. I’ll slap her so hard…the douchecanoe will feel it!


Doll – *Growling at C* He is not a douche.


C – No, he’s not, he’s a jackass, douchecanoe, twat waffling, buttmunching-Ollie's Ducati


Doll – *Kicks C in the shin*


C – Ouch!


Doll – What can a girl expect on a date with you?


Ollie – These days? Nothing. Not a damn thing. Before Layla? I didn’t date. I was more into loving and leaving and the girls knew what they were getting with me. But if I was going to take a girl out, it would be a movie, some pizza and back to Benny’s to see me play. Chicks can’t resist the guitar. Works like a charm every time. *Grins*


C – Amen to that!


Doll – Agreed. A guy with a guitar….hot!


C – Would they get the goodnight kiss or is it more of a fumbling, ripping clothes off and getting down and dirty? *sigh*


Ollie – You trying to get me in trouble? Urgh, back in the day, skip the date and the kiss and get right to the good stuff. I wanted to kiss Layla from the moment I met her so if the right girl is the one you’re on that date with, go for it.


C – *Puckers lips*


Ollie – You’re serious?


C – Don’t make me pout Green. Give me some of the good stuff.


Ollie – Urgh. *Leans in for a peck on the lips*


C – *Grips his face and gives him the full on French kiss C style…lots of tongue*


Doll – *Tries to pull a struggling, but laughing, Ollie away from her* Have you completely lost your mind!?


C – *Releasing him and licking lips* Nope but I think I lost my panties. They totally busted.


Ollie – *Catching breath and rubbing lip ring with finger* You bit my damn lip.


C – *Wiggles eyebrows suggestively* I’m an animal, baby.


Doll – yes! Feral and out of control! I’m so sorry.


Ollie – *Chuckles* It’s cool.


Doll – Now that’s out of your system *Hands C the next question.*


C – Oooh! Ok now to the really gritty stuff….


Ollie – *Squinty eyed* Right….


C – Best pick up line you’ve used?


Ollie – *Smiling* “Need a hand down there?”


C – Oh, you have no idea. I always want your hand down there…


Doll – *Swats C over the head* That’s not what he meant.


C – I know but you can’t blame a girl for trying.


Doll – Did that line work?


Ollie – *Running fingers through hair* Eventually.


ollie 1Doll – Favorite sexual position?


Ollie – *Biting on lip ring* Boring but nice, missionary. I like looking into her eyes. Especially huge turquoise ones.


C – Urgh, pass the bucket.


Doll – *Ignoring C* I think that’s nice. Kinda sweet and more intimate.


C – Yes, Ollie, very girly.


Doll – I didn’t say that!


C – I was just paraphrasing…


Ollie – Still gets me laid.


C – I’ll take any position available.


Doll – How about…over in the corner on your CHAIR.


C – I think I’ll stay here. *From position on the floor, eyes Ollie’s crotch* Yep. Right here.


Doll – *Rolling eyes* Do you like dirty girls or the girl next door?


Ollie – *biting lip ring* I like a dirty girl next door. Or across the hall. *Winks* They need to be confident and that makes them sexy.


C – Oh I wanna bite that lip again.


Ollie – You drew blood last time you vampire.


C – I’d suck you dry.


Doll – *Jaw drops open* I can’t believe you just said that!


Ollie – *Laughs*


C – *Sticks tongue out at Doll* Most exciting or adventurous place you got, ahem, down and dirty?


Ollie – *Cringes* against a girls van in a bar parking lot. Not my proudest moment.


Doll – Bet it was still pretty damn good though!


Ollie – *Grinning* I’m always good at what I do…wherever I do it.


C- Quick fire round! We say a word and you say the first thing that comes to mind….ready?


Flowers  – Daisies


Heart  – Beat


Love Layla


Gift My guitar from Layla.ollie 2


DrinkCosmo’s.  Amy….






DoggiePussy. What? You said the first thing..




Strip Naked






Wet – Lick



Doll – Okay, we know you’re a music buff so, if you had to use a song to describe yourself, what would that song be, and why?


Ollie – *Thinking* Hmmm. Probably Weightless by All Time Low. There’s a section in there where the lyrics go “It’s not my weekend but it’s gonna be my year” That’s how I feel. It’s bad now but I always come out okay. I did when I was a kid…I will now. I don’t give up.


C – I can’t argue with that. I love it.


Doll – Me too.


C – What’s your magic number? How many girls have you slept with?


Ollie – I lost count after a while. Do I really have to answer this?


C and Doll – Yes.


Ollie – Fine. A ballpark figure of around…forty maybe fifty. I got around…a lot. Sometimes 2 or three girls a day/night.


Doll – Sounds exhausting.


C – Sounds like a que! Where do I join?


Doll – You don’t. Line’s closed and reserved for Layla.


C – Spoil sport.


Doll – Do you eat pineapple?


Ollie – What sort of question is that? Oh, this is the twitter thing…not sure where she was going with that. Yes. I like pineapple.


C – Doesn’t it make your junk taste sweet and –


Doll – Yes, I think so! Now please never talk about that again!


C – I was just saying…


Doll – I get it. Ollie, what’s your favorite jello flavour?


Ollie – Does it matter when it’s only good for girl on girl wrestling?


C – Good point!


Doll – *Rolls eyes and sees next question. Instantly blushes* Um, do you like…toys?


C – *Sits forward listening*


Ollie – Like soldiers? Action figures?


ollieDoll – *Blushes even more* Um, no…


C – She means sex toys.


Ollie – Oh? Oh!! Well, I, um. *Threads fingers through hair* I’ve not needed them but I would definitely try it. If the girl is into it. By girl I mean Layla.


C – Ah, yes, speaking of the little blood hound…


Doll – C! That’s his girl. You can’t call her a dog.


C – The alternative was bitch.


Doll – Oh. Continue.


C – Ollie, sweetie, rock star, my one and only…are you over Layla yet?


Ollie – You’re kidding right? No. I’m not. I’m completely and totally in love with that girl. I don’t want to be over her because it’s not over. I won’t let her go without a fight. I should at least get my chance to plead my case.


Doll – Yeah, well, good luck with that. I know who I’d pick. Well, who she DID pick.


Ollie – *Frowns*


C – *Glaring at Doll* If you make him make that face again I may have to tackle you.


Doll – Yeah, yeah. Well, leading on from that last question… Book Boyfriend Reviews wants to know the answer to this….When are you going to just runaway with me?


Ollie – *Throws his head back and laughs. Hard* That girl is the best! She rocks. Maybe in another life but for now…the heart wants what it wants. She’s still one of my best girls though. Right up there with Ellie Doll, D and my Bohemian Rock Chick. The ladies that have been on my team from the start.


Doll – Loyal. I like that.


C – *Tackles Ollie to the ground and smothers him in kisses and more glitter*


Ollie – *struggling* Uh, Doll…560175_502341289812799_1199801576_n


Doll – Hmm? Oh, yeah, thanks for the insight into your world. We had a blast hanging out with you. Got a nice little Valentine message you want to give to your fans?


Ollie – Seriously? A little help?


Doll – *Drags C off of Ollie*


Ollie – Brushes himself down and shakes his hair out* A message for my fans? Team Ollie, you rock. You are all awesomesauce and I hope you all have the Valentine’s Day you deserve!


 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ollie Green. My sweet sexy man candy rockstar token of love. *swoons* That was fantastic and thank you for making our Valentine’s Day so amazingly worthwhile. This Chick has never been into hearts and flowers but with this boy, the sky is the limit. Thank you to the amazing Marie Coulson (who I totally want to make my author valentine because she is so nummy) for giving us this gorgeous Rockstar to swoon over. Down below are the links to follow our boy, join our giveaway and pick up Bound Together and Last Christmas (which are his dirty antics totally in his POV). And keep it posted for the lasted on Burning Up. The next book in the series ❤ ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

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3 thoughts on “My Ollie Valentine

  1. Loved this almost peed my pants laughing at c, but given half a chance I would have gone for the full liplock too & as for the troser dropping all I can say is u lucky lucky girls lol

  2. Reblogged this on Love N. Books and commented:
    Ummm… these gals that run this blog are incredible first of all… and they did a kick-ass interview with Ollie Green from Bound Together. You guys are stupid (and I mean that in the nicest way possible) if you don’t read and adore this interview and follow this blog. MWUAH, love you people!

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