Summer Rush Ashley Wilcox

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I had the extraordinary pleasure of reading this book right when it became available to the public and stayed up way past my bedtime in order to do so. Ashley Wilcox has the ability to hit your heart and make her way into your soul so quickly that it takes your breath away. The name Hope is a precious one to me and by the end of the book it meant so much more. I sincerely look forward to reading anything this woman writes in the future because her words have captured the very reason as to why I love to read.

Hope is a fun girl with a simple and predictable life. Her home situation is ideal even though it may not be normal, her job brings in the money she needs to live and her boyfriend is a wonderful man who takes care of his angel every step of the way. One day a stranger named Joey walks into her diner. A rough talking, slick bad boy from parts unknown starts to work his way under her skin in ways she has never felt before. So hope has to make a choice, safe and simple or risky and life changing. Is it meant to be like the ever constant sand on a beach. Or is it a summer rush, like the wave crashing into shore?

This book was simple, elegant and a fun read. I don’t have enough words to describe it without sounding pretentious. So there you have it. Read the book. Love the Ashley. And Such ❤

Joey, from Summer Rush agreed to let us grill him about his feeling and the big day happening tomorrow. He is really not my type, but so very very tasty. You just want to smother him in marinara and slurp him right up….Ohhhh…that sounds so dirty ❤ 


What’s your favorite part about it?

Being a book boyfriend?… that all these girls think I so amazing and I don’t even have to do anything.  It’s like every guy’s dream {haha}

 Is there anything about being one that you really hate or would change if you could?

Uh…should there be?

 What do you think makes you a good book boyfriend? Like, what gets the ladies all jello legged and swooning?

It’s my grin, man.  Gets them every time!  You see what Hope does with it.  I can do something total asstastic- shoot the grin and she’s all warm and fuzzy inside again.  Not that that I do it on purpose or anything {cough}

 Are you a romantic hearts and flowers kind of guy?

Uh yeah, I guess so.  I’m not super sappy, but yeah, I like to spoil and make Hope feel special.

What could a girl expect on a date with you?

Food! {haha} I think we’ve all established in Summer Rush that Italians=food.  Good food, nice sunset- that’s pretty much a date with Joey.

What about a good night kiss? Or maybe a little more…

Something short and sweet on the first date- yeah.  But, trying to get in a girl’s pants on the first date is not my thing.  Well, at least anymore. 

Best pick up line you’ve used?

I love you.  Since meeting Hope, being in love and telling her I love her- gets the best results.  Nothing compares.

Did it work?

 Very well {he winks} but I think you’re going to have to read our next book to see how well.

Favorite sexual position?

Mission…hands down.  Watching a girl go crazy while inside of her- hot as hell.

Do you like dirty girls or the girl next door?

No fricken guy can tell you that he doesn’t like a little dirty.  But, when it comes from the girl next door- now that’s pretty damn amazing.  Quiet Southern girls?…you’d be surprised.  One word- beach.

 Most exciting or adventurous place you got, ahem, down and dirty?

Well, you guys have read it…how hot is sex on the beach?  There’s nothing like it and my favorite spot.  But have you ever tried it on a surf board?  Yes, I mean while floating in the water… quite the challenge but definitely exciting!

 Quick fire round! We say a word and you say the first thing that comes to mind….ready?

Flowers Lilies

Heart  Love

Love Amazing

Gift Jewelry

Drink Now-a-days…colajoey and hope

Chocolate S’mores

Tongue Lick

Doggie {haha} Style

Hands Touching

Strip Naked

Sex Hope

Bed Well, when you put sex right in front of this one…sex

Wet Yikes…pussy

That was fun huh?

Very…I’m not sure how excited Hope will be- I’m sure I’ll get a smack over the head…she’s a little shy, but not innocent.  Don’t let her fool ya!!/pages/Ashley-Wilcox-Author/534100859949004


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