The Seven Wicked: First C.M. Stunich

In the words that I just typed to a member of C.M.’s street team. My nerves are so frayed right now, I am so pumped, I don’t know if I want to swing a sword or scream. Or maybe collapse. Can one do all three at once?! I was approached by the hauntingly beautiful C.M. to check out the first book in her YA paranormal YA series The Seven Wicked. Being that I am a YA junkie, and slowly becoming a C.M. junkie I jumped at the chance. And now I don’t know if I want to strangle her or hump her leg or maybe an odd combination of the two. What i do know is I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on the rest of the series. Seriously ya’ll he words are like little tiny pills of happiness that will take you on such a trippy rollercoaster of emotion you won’t know what to do with yourself. So here we go….The Seven Wicked:First By C.M. Stunich


5 cakes

So we have Eevee (great name right?!) this super sweet, super I’m my own person kinda gal who is a junior in high school. Her parent’s are recently divorced, for reasons unbenounced to her though it seems to be her dad is in the middle of a mid-life crisis. (Yes it is semi-pertinent to the story line) Anyway, Eevee is in the process of planning her junior prom, because although she is a stero typical “goth-punk” she is quite the social butterfly and gets along with everyone in school (hey aww that was me!!!). Also her seventeenth birthday is about a week away. Enter Caleb, a very hot punky rocker, seventeen and the kinda guy that you would swoon over if he looked at you in school. But he can’t because he homeschooled by his uber uptight religious parents, however he does sing in a band and wear eyeliner *squeals*.

So legend has it that Eevee is actually a reincarnated goddess and Caleb is some sort of guardian that is here to protect her. When she find a necklace in a thrift store and puts it on it brings to life spirits that are out to finish the legend and well kill here. Ya know, like spirits do these days. Caleb and Eevee not only have to figure out how to defeat these spirits, the Wicked’s, but they have to figure out how to survive angry parents as well. I think that is a pretty tough gig. I’d rather wield a sword and explain to my Mom why there is a topless boy in my room wouldn’t you?

Excerpt from the book:

I spent the night of my seventeenth birthday holding the dying body of the boy I loved. I watched in helpless horror as the light in his gentle eyes faded slowly, brushing my fingers through the golden halo of his hair as I tried not to cry. “You can’t go yet,” I whispered in the sudden silence. Either the First was already dead or it had crawled off into some dank, dirty hole in the ground to finish dying. I could only hope it was suffering half as much as we were.
Caleb tried to smile at me, blood trickling down the sides of his face in warm, crimson rivulets. He was trying to make me feel better when he was the one who was dying. Tears prickled at the corners of my eyes. “Please,” I begged, hugging him close to me. As I shifted his body, he grunted in pain, and I was forced to release him back into the confines of my lap. “I’m so sorry.” Caleb smiled again and reached a quaking hand up to my lips. This is all my fault. I did this. I killed my guardian angel.
“Don’t be sorry, Eevee. I’m not.” A rumble shook the dirt beneath us and rattled the corrugated steel walls around us. The broken lamps swung violently overhead, the rusty chains snapping as glass and metal exploded into the ground and burst like bombs, shrapnel nicking my face and neck.
“Caleb,” I whispered, hunching over to protect him from the debris. “What’s going on? I thought you killed it?” Across the warehouse, a mound of dirt was rising like an anthill, black oozing from the openings on its side, glistening and thick like oil. Caleb didn’t respond at first, his eyelids fluttering like frantic butterflies as he struggled to maintain consciousness. I tore my gaze from his pale lashes and bloody lips, checking carefully to make sure we weren’t going to be swallowed whole by the ever widening pool of sludge.
The shaking had stopped suddenly, leaving us in eerie quiet that sent chills down my spine. I had to get him out of there, but I didn’t know how. Think of something. Caleb was there for you, be there for him. I couldn’t let fear and panic cripple me. I had to be as brave, as strong, as the boy that I held motionless in my arms. I clutched for the necklace with my right hand, hoping there was enough magic left to save us both.
A whisper drew my attention back to my guardian’s pallid features. His cracked lips were moving, but no sound was coming out. “What is it?” I sobbed, taking his face in one hand and tilting my head so that my ear was pressed as close to him as I could get without touching the bruises on his cheeks.
“The Second,” he gasped, pink bubbles sputtering as he tried to enunciate beyond the red liquid in his mouth. And then he fell still. His eyes emptied of anything and everything that had ever made Caleb, Caleb. The necklace fell from my grasp, swinging back and forth like a noose. I screamed then like I had never screamed before, pain and rage and frustration. Hate, no loathing, pumped through my veins instead of blood as I raised my head and watched a pair of arms digging out from beneath the dirt.

Anyway, the book was incredible! It had me on the edge of my seat, I think I sent C.M. at least 2 or 3 vaguely threatening emails because I was so into the story and crying and angry and pumped and laughing so hard water may or may not have come out of my nose. I shirked all of my duties today because I couldn’t put it down (and I have a bump on my head from walking into a wall to prove it). So much love to the wonderful author and some of my new fave YA crowd

Xx Chick


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