Be My Book Boy Valentine Event


That is right ladies and gentlemen today is the official kickoff of the Be My Book Boy

Valentine Event!!!

*Throws confetti and glitter into the air*

Today kicks off a great month for all of us at the Candy Coated Book Blog including you! We have tracked down the squiffiest authors and the HOTTEST book boys out there for some down and dirty (and sometimes sweet) interviews about love, lust and all the in betweens. We have a FABULOUS giveaway that is going to be running from now until the end of the month and the prizes (which are down below) just keep growing, thanks to our wonderful authors. We have tons of deals and book specials to clue you in on and of course we have boys!

We will be having a super special visit from Jared and Ollie from

Marie Coulson’s Bound Together and they will be doing a no holds bar interview for you, so please send us your questions.

This is our first big event, so help us make it the sweetest it can be. Shout it from the roof tops. And please thank our wonderful authors and their boys for making this possible

Lots of squiffy love and kisses

Xx Chick & Doll xX

RaffleCopter Linky:

Other ways to enter (and please do):

1. Tell us about your favorite book boyfriend and why. Make it short and sweet. Make it long and naughty. Who are they, what do they look like (post pictures if you want), why are they the man of your dreams. Easy right? One…Two…Three…Go!

2. Tell us about your favorite Valentine’s day memory. Naughty or nice. Give us the down and dirty. We are giving you a chance to start early. Get our motors running ;D


Autographed copy of Consequences and Truth by Aleatha Romig

Bookmarks from Aleatha Romig

A choice of E-book from Author Nyrae Dawn

Naked and All In The Blackstone Affair Parts 1 and 2 By Raine Miller

Blackstone Affair Bracelet from Raine Miller

Autographed Copy of Running on Empty by L.B. Simmons

Signed set of books by Sylvain Reynard

(3) E Copies of No More Tiers for Kindle by Shelly Pratt

(5) E Copies of Collide by Gail McHugh

Bookmarks from Gail McHugh

E Copy of Captive in the Dark By CJ Roberts

(2) Paperback copies of Lengths By Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt

(3) E Copies of Decension by B.C. Burgess

(5) E Copies of Thunderstorm (Daughters of Eden) By J.M. Schroder

Ecopy of The Proposition (or The Proposal) By Katie Ashley

(3) E Copies of Tasting Never By CM Stunich

 (2) E Copies of The Billionaire Playboy (The Sherbrookes of Newport Book 2) By Christina Tetreault

E Copy of Next Song I Sing (NEXT TIME AROUND) By Donna McDonald

Signed paper back of Love Evolution and Love Revolution By Michelle Mankin

Brutal Strength Tattoos

Signed paper back of YOUR choice in the Chocolate Lover’s Series by Tara Sivec

E Copy of That Boy or That Wedding by Jillian Dodd

E Copy of Stalk me or Kiss Me by Jillian Dodd

E Copy of Jordyn by Tiffany King

Tiffany King Swag Pack


15 thoughts on “Be My Book Boy Valentine Event

  1. lol, my favorite book boyfriend?!?!? gee that isn’t too hard!!!! i have more book boyfriend’s than i can count. but i will tell ya what book boyfriend got me to the blog…and that is c.m. stunich’s ty, from her never series.
    can’t really explain what it is about him, besides her physical description of him (which is soooo smokin’ hot,lol), but there is just something so absolutely wonderful about him. yeah, he is a man with a huge past and issues, but damn, i just can’t get enough of ty and never!

  2. 1. Favorite book boyfriend – there are sooo many to choose from, today I’m going to choose Ollie Green from Bound Together by Marie Coulson. I can’t wait to see what he does next, I’m hoping he becomes bolder in his fight for Layla in Burning Up. You can find lots of pictures and interact with Ollie here: My husband calls him my imaginary friend. A girl can dream right – I’m sure he’d much rather be referred to as my imaginary rock star stud though 😉

    2. Favorite Valentine’s day memory – I’m having a hard time remembering if we have ever went out, but I do love when I get flowers. Just a nice arrangement of flowers is the best gift for valentines day. I do think about 10 years ago we went out to a fancy restaurant all dressed up with wonderful food. That was fun, but I’d also be happy just staying home with wine and a good movie snuggled up on the couch.

    I enter on the rafflecopter as well — and while I love the few signed books I have, I really don’t read paper anymore, so if I get selected for a paperback, please draw an alternate winner. Thanks! Theresa Esterline (

  3. I have too many book boyfriends but my absolute #1 is Christian Grey. Need you ask why? Really? He was my very 1st BBF & therefore will always be my #1! Sigh…

    My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is the 1st Valentine’s Day I celebrated with my husband as a married couple, almost 19 years ago! I won’t kiss & tell but let’s just say it included french maid lingerie. The rest of the story I’ll just leave to your imagination! BTW, this blog page is making me very hungry. I wonder why?!

  4. Favorite book boyfriend? Right now it’s Adrian from Bloodlines. He’s just so sexy! Man, I’d love for him to read my aura 😉 haha

    Favorite memory? Getting a dozen roses sent to school my senior year from my boyfriend. He was amazing and that was the first time a boy sent me flowers. Awww.

  5. My favorite book boyfriend would have to be Bones from the Night Huntress series. For those who’ve read the series, this requires no explanation. 🙂 For those who haven’t read it…there are no words!! ;). Go. Read. Now!!

  6. My favorite valentines day was in 1998, a few months after I started dating my husband. He spoiled me rotten and we had such an amazing day!!!

  7. No competition for me My book boyfriend Is Mr Sexy Lord of the Manor Jesse Ward he can do what he likes to me i would still go back begging for more Just like Ava. What more can i say go read This Man and Beneath This Man and see for yourself but be warned you wont every get over him im still in Jessie Hangover

    My favourite Valentines day would be 4 years ago when i found out i was expecting my baby girl best valentines present ever 🙂 xx

  8. A favorite book boyfriend, really only one?! Well the most recent was Trevor from My Teddy Bear Boyfriend series. Tall, manly, caring, and cuddly! Ask me again tomorrow.

  9. 1. My fav book boyfriend is Professor Gabriel Owen Emerson. He’s sexy, intelligent, passionate, and I imagine him to look like David Gandy! 😉

    2. My fav Valentine’s Day is the one 3 years ago. I received a “swissroll cake” flower arrangement that was sent to my office! It was pink and yellow and oh-so-pretty! My first ever surprise delivery!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day too! ❤

  10. I imagine that Quinn from Keri Arthur’s Riley Jenson series arrives at my house, wearing a pair of skin tight leather pants, a t shirt that hugs his muscles showing off his defined chest and a trench coat to top off the perfect outfit. We climb onto his bike, where he speeds through the night to the busiest, most popular restaurant in town. As we walk through, it seems as if he is showing me off and the anticipation of where this night will lead is high and suddenly I’m craving much more than food.

  11. Favorite book boyfriend? Falcon from How It Rolls by Lila Felix. He is sweet, caring, and would do anything for you. On top of that he is smart, funny, and has tattoos and piercings… Oh and a Mohawk. Dreamy!

  12. I am so pathetic but I can’t remember a Valentines day worth talking about. I know my ex used to get me candy and flowers but it has been so long. This year I got some flowers the day before and my kids made me valentine’s. *sigh*

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