Love and Skate Lila Felix



I hear a lot about this book. There are some die hard Lila Felix fans out there and all they talk about is Nellie. And now…I understand why. She is a hardcore, tough on the outside, sweet and gooey chick that can take care of herself and has had to since her past and family pretty much….blows. She is the captain of a super awesome roller derby team and her hair changes color depending on…well on the day? her mood? it really depends I suppose. Then we have Owen, a big hulking sexy beast of a man who has a not so good track record but a loving wonderful family and a bigger heart than all the book boyfriend I have ever met combined. Put that together with some gum, cheesecake, houseboats and college and you have the sweetest lovestory on four wheels I have ever read. It wasn’t all sappy, there is a lot of substance to these two, it was such a sweet read and at one point I wrote to a friend of mine ” I am _% in and I want to stab Nellie’s Mom with an ice pick….That’s in the Christmas spirit right?!”  Let Lila take you around the rink for the couples skate, you won’t soon regret it ❤

Xx Chick


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