The Boys of Bound Together for Valentines Day!

So we have go a super big thing going on for V-day. Can’t release all the details but here is a little bit. Both of the wonderfully charming and gorgeous guys of Marie Coulson’s Bound Together have agreed to a no hold’s barred interview on love,romance and naughtiness. Jared said is had to be tasteful but I say ask away. So throw us a comment. Shoot us an email or head over our various social media outlets and let us know what you want to know!!!! Get your question’s in soon. Make em nice and juicy. Feel free to make the boys squirm!





4 thoughts on “The Boys of Bound Together for Valentines Day!

  1. For Jared- what’s your favorite accessory to use in the bedroom (or wherever you’re having some fun with Layla!) ?

  2. Jared- Do you see yourself asking Layla to be your wife anytime soon?

    Ollie- Are you over Layla yet? Are you ready to move on?

  3. Jared,

    What are your feelings on Layla finishing her degree? I know that you are traveling right now, but would you support her going back to school? She seems like a bright young lady. Would you like to bring her into your work someday?

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