Deceived Part 1 New York Eve Carter



So I was approached on Twitter by a very awesome author looking for a review. How could I pass it up? I am totally glad i didn’t. Cover to cover, Eve Carter gave us a great read. The opening caught my attention and pulled me into the book to the point that I gave up my household duties to my other half in order to finish the short, but enticing book. It does have a cliffhanger at the end, which I am not always the most fond of, but it was done well. So bravo to that. My only gripe (and it isn’t really a gripe, more of a loosey goosey complaint) is that it moved too quickly. I like to savor my romances and my naughty scenes and they moved a little too quickly for my tastes but, were nonetheless, very, very well written.

Chloe is from the mid-west and lands a super cool job for a super hot boss named Patrick Collins in New York City. (If only we were that lucky, I am from NYC and it is hard to work for the sexy ones) Patrick uses this semi-naive adorable chick to help land a huge client, which leads to a rather disturbing and very vivid well written scene in a ladies room. She falls for him, he seems to fall for her…steaminess ensues….secrets…lies….what the heck is going on….oh look pretty clothes!!! There is Love, anger, jealousy, passion, fashion..I could go on, but you get the idea. It’s Devil Wears Prada meets Fifty Shades. Life in the big city is rough and Chloe is going to learn about it the hard way ;^D. Enough tongue cheek play. The book was a super sweet read, it will get your gears going and the second part was just released last week. linkies are below!

Enjoy!! Chick

Part 1 New York-

Part 2 Paris-


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