Breaking News!!!!!!!!

So this is how my day went….. I got a text that asked me if I was free….from this guy…

Ollie 3

Of course I said YES!!!!!…..Well….He showed up at my house….. 

Ollie's Ducati

Looking super adorable…..

Ollie 4


And we had a little talk and he asked me a super important question… which I said…YES!!!! And now…this February 14….He is going to be….



I know! Crazy right!!!!!! So before Doll hops on this post and swats me up and down and all over the place I needed to make that announcement. So come February 14th we are going to have a super special edition of CCBB. We are going to have A Very Ollie Valentine. With my amazing Rockstar Oliver Green star of Marie Coulson’s Bound Together and Last Christmas (and soon Burning Up). We will have an exclusive down and dirty interview (with questions provided by you) some super special guests and a whole bunch of sexy rockstar giveaways.

Have a question for Ollie? Send it on into us. 


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