A Love by Any Measure Killian McRae



We grow up reading stories like Romeo and Juliet. Star crossed lovers who can never find a way to overcome boundaries without taking their own lives. They are classics, they make your heart burst and you get goosebumps as you ache with them for just one forbidden kiss. Your loins ache as you imagine all the things that the very brilliant Shakespeare couldn’t put on paper. Well bring yourself to the here and now and move over Mister Shakespeare I need to introduce you to Miss Killian McRae. Of first of all can I say yum, he name, her presence, her very first words on paper exude something forbidden and juicy. Add that to a colorful cast of character, a rich history, an enchanting and in depth back story and a couple of pairs of panties later and she would leave even the latest and greatest lustful author in a pile of his own drool. Maeve and August were meant to be together, since childhood it was written in the stars. yet their roles in life were far from destined to align as the perfect happy ending. A lord and a baker, a maid and a man who could eat her for breakfast. A beauty who’s [passion was unbridled and whose love knows no bounds. A man who hides so much behind those foreboding eyes. Every time I hear a clock tick goosebumps run over my skin. And i swear if anyone can bring me to the edge of bookgasm by writing just a few words words it is this woman here. But enough with the fawning. Killian is seriously an artist. There is so much more than just a love story in this book, so much more than sex, there is an entire culture that is rich in actual (and made up) history and is it truly one that should be snatched up as soon as you can make your way to a computer.

*A little birdie happened to tell me that today you can even grab it for free. I think you should do that and let me know what you think ;^D*



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