Planning on Forever Ashley Wilcox




Ok, let’s see. You have Alexa and Collin. Various other super adorable and fun random bestie characters that add flavor. Then you have Nolan and Summer. I can’t tell you the story because what fun is that. You would miss out on the goosebumps, the misty eyes moments and the moistness and Ashley would miss out on your telling her how incredibly fantastic she is. Put it to you this way, the book is about love. it starts out the way we think love should be and ends the way that love truly happens. It has romance, it has akwardness, it has kissing, it has sap, it has steamy/naughty/ohmygoddnesshowmanydirtywordscansheuseandstillbeagoodgirl moments and it is delightful. There were a few parts that were a bit rushed to me. And few parts I want to know more about. I want to know more about the crash, and the tattoos and the histories. I can’t wait to fall more in love with the characters than the taste i had of them the first time around. I do have to say i have a book crush on Nolan. But I can truly say for the first time in a long time Summer has edged her way out as my fave book bestie. She is just a wonderful chickadee that I want to have slumber parties and pillow fights with! Ashly-baby you did a great job, this bloggy chick can’t wait to see what forever brings ;^D

a total sweet treat ❤

Here is the linky to her book! And also the linky to her upcoming one due out in Feb ❤


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