Loving the Goddess Tiffany King

Everyone knows (and even if you didn’t now you do) that I simply adore Tiffany king. From her adorable little face to her words that touch the soul she is truly a gifted artist with a quill. Her characters talk directly to you and her stories are ones that you can draw a different yet important lesson from each time you read them. So though this isn’t a very long tribute, it is my heartfelt tribute to Tiffany King.



This is the first Tiffany king book I read. No one had prepared me for the number opf tears i would cry, the number of times the kiddos would look at me like I was crazy or the number of times they would say “But MOM we don’t wanna play board games with you anymore we want to go play by ourselves!!!” afterwards. Such a touching tale of hat happens when tomorrow is on the mind because today can’t pass by quickly enough. I feel if I write to much I give the story away so I will try to sum it up as best I can. Sometimes, when you try and protect someone with your whole heart you forget just how to protect yourself. In learning to rely on the kindness of strangers you learn that real love can truly exist. You learn that your someday soon may be closer than you imagine. I hope I did that justice, it is truly a gorgeous tale.



Forever Changed marks the second Tiffa book that I read. At this point I knew I had to invest in Kleenex. Or at least a tissue brand that had lotion in it as my nose was starting to ache because i was blowing it so much. I really at this point did not know how this girl could wrap my heart so firmly in her hands and play with its strings but she did it again. This story is a little easier to explain as it is not so twisty but still super intense. Two people, two very different sides of the tracks. Somehow, when fate sees fit meet in the middle in a fatal crash that seals the deal on where their lives are supposed to take them. The fact of the matter is that they have to realize that by making it together, they will thrive more than pulling away. Yes I am being cryptic, but there is no sheer meaning behind the goddesses magic. You never want to ruin the illusion because that is what the story is really about. Less tears with this one, more love but still amazingly heartfelt



Oh sweet everything that sparkles. This book should come with a warning label. And virtual tissues. And a hug. In fact Miss King herself should show up at the door of every one of her readers and hug them for this book. That is how freaking good it is. Before I have passed this one along I have put up the warning that if they need me they can get in touch with me because the subject matter is hard to swallow. it is about a time in your life where you are most fragile. It is about those hard questions that everyone has faced at least once in their lives. Miss me not is about wondering what if. What if i wasn’t here. What would the flowers be like. Who wouldn’t care? Or worse yet, who would? It is about the pain of not knowing what is going to happen next and fearing that you know it all. It is about being different and chosing to accept it or hiding behind it. It is freaking incredible.




The goddess Tiffany king still has so much out there that i have yet to read. She has so much out there that she has yet to write. But I wanted to give her this little bloggers badge of honor and show her that she is loved because she truly has the gift of the written word. She has touched my heart and soul and given me an emotional ride that i never want to get off of and I appreciate her so much for it. Please head on over and check her out. because she is truly an inspiration. Love you Tiffafa ❤  Xx C xX







One thought on “Loving the Goddess Tiffany King

  1. Let me just say…. I could not agree more. Tiffany is phenomenal, both as an artist and a friend. We are all lucky who know her or read her books. You got it exactly right here.

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