Last Christmas Marie Coulson



So it has been a while since I have been able to write an actual review post. Between the holidays and my entire family having the plague and every squiffy author I have ever met releasing a new book I have been swamped (and fevered and sleeping and spending oodles of money i don’t actually have) So I wanted tot ake a few minutes to give you a long overdue review on a novella i meant to write about way back before the new Year had actually happened.

 A little background if you didn’t know. C, who is me writing this right now, stands for Chick. A shortened version of BRC which is used a few times in this book I am about to review. I was given this name by my first ever book boyfriend, the one and only Oliver Michael Green, lovingly known as Ollie. Laugh at me all you want, it meant a lot to me, and when a fictional guy can make you smile first thing in the morning when you have had a shitty day then hey why not? Right? Right! So on we go, C is me, BRC is mentioned in the book, try and find it, count it and i shall give you a round of applause! (the first time I wrote that I wrote applesauce but i don’t think you want that) rambling aside…

Last Christmas is a novella seen through the eyes of one of the hotties from Marie’s first book Bound Togethers’ eyes. Ollie has traveled from Cali to Utah to work get to know his mother whom he has not seen since he was a kid and be a part of his younger half brother Patricks life. It is a year since he has a magical holiday season with Layla (who is off in parts unknown for those who haven’t read the first book) and he is still not fully over the damage she caused to his heart and soul. He doesn’t have to go through this journey alone, because still playing big roles in his life are the dynamic duo Amy and Mel and his rockstar buddies Eric and Nick, all of whom are still in California where he seems to spend a lot of the dialogue bits of the book. We see the inside of Ollie’s heart, where his passion truly lies, get to know a helluvalot more about what happened during his traumatic childhood and find out exactly what he does to forget the pain (or more precisely….who he does). There is a lot of sex drugs and rock and roll. There are also a lot of tears and goosebumps and sighs and you just wanna reach out and pull him close to you and rock him and tell him it’s gonna be ok and them find Layla and wrap your hands around her….ahem….anyway…the book rocks. Ollie rocks. D.O.A rocks. Marie is my author crush and there you have it a review Ta-da!!!

More to come in the next few weeks =D

Later chickadees



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