Authors, Bloggers and Readers for Jemma Fundraiser



We are going to get a little personal here because this is the time and place for it

A good friend Stefany’ s baby girl Jemma has been hospitalized for almost two weeks. At first she was diagnosed with RSV/croup, then pneumonia, then staph/MRSA in her blood, then a lung collapsed. This morning both lungs collapsed as she was sedated to have a CT scan. She’s now in PICU on a ventilator.

Because of things that happened (story is on the page)  in order to continue Jemma’s insurance, she and her husband will have to pay what would have been half of her now nonexistent paycheck.

A group of  amazing authors, bloggers and readers have come together to bring us this amazing fundraiser for the family. All you have to do is donate some of your book allowance to a fundraiser for a sick child. Click the link. Make the donation and enter the rafflecopter! Amazing giveaway. Signed books, swag, ebooks, some really amazing stuff! And most importantly helping a very sick little girl and her super strong family

Click the link below

Lots of love, hope and sparkley thoughts are coming at you little one

Authors, Bloggers and Readers for Jemma.


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