Just Remember To Breathe (Thompson Sisters) Charles Sheehan-Miles




Never talk about how they fell in love. Or how they still are in love. Or how they are falling back in love. Or how they continue to fall harder and harder in love as the days go on. Or how they never fell out of love in the first place. Meet Alex and Dylan. She has he life in a certain set line, pre-law in Columbia on her way to exactly where she wants to be. He is a wounded war vet just back from a stint in the Middle East. The modern day Romeo and Juliet, from different places, different sides of the tracks, different ways of life. Or so it always seems for the Thompson sisters and their other halves. This book was highly recommended and gifted to me by a friend and I stayed up long hours just to finish. (And then begged to be in the beta group for his next book). I have a high respect for a man that knows what a kiss can do to a person’s soul. I also have a high respect for a man who can take an experience he himself may have had in a place like Afghanistan and show it to us in such vivid detail that we are brought to tears and feel like we ourselves may never be able to walk again. Now what is great about Charles’s book’s is that they all are centered around a group of sisters, however they all can be read separately and in any order you choose. So read this one, and A Song for Julia (which has been reviewed before) and then read them again…In a different order. And when the next one comes out, read the next one (and then read the again). Just read them, he is amazing, the book is amazing and if you have any questions about it I will continue to repeat myself because he is my first official male author crush. Yes I said it. (Don’t tell his wife =D)


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