10 Days of Perfect (November Blue #1) Andrea Randall



Ember Harris is the perfect leading lady. Her parents are a bit out there and kooky but sweet and loving and exactly what I wished my parents to be when I was growing up. Strong and witty but with a heart of gold. She has parts of her past that still are holding on to her and we wonder if she can ever let them go. Then there is Bo, oh sweet gazungas if there was ever a musician I was going to fall for it was going to be Bo. (I met Bo before I met Ollie and her stole my heart first shhhh don’t tell). And then there is Adrian. Honestly, I don’t like Adrian, he hurt Ember, he broke Ember, he left Ember and now he’s back to do what exactly?…..I got this book a ways before I read this book because I really did not know what to expect from it but the romance was sweet, the chemistry was hot and I am looking forward to see what happens next. Andrea Randall has a way with words and I can’t wait to see what emotion she stirs up next


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