All The Wrong Reasons by JL Paul


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All The Wrong Reasons – JL Paul

Doll – Okay, so I really wasn’t sure about this book at first. The story seemed to evolve very quickly.

When I say it evolved quickly, I mean that our main character entered her new love triangle very quickly. In fact she was knee deep before even chapter 10! And these chapters are short!

But I did enjoy it.

Meet Irelyn (I know. Apparently it’s pronounced like Ireland) She is off to college. Her home that she shares with her mother and cousin Tommy is only 45 minutes from college but her grandparents insist she get the full college experience and live in a dorm. And as they are paying for her education, how can she refuse?

That’s where she meets Morgan and Bailey. Her new best friends. They are a breath of fresh air. Irelyn is used to snotty rich kids and their parents. They all gather at the country club that she dutifully attends with her grandparents every weekend. It’s also where she gets to see her boyfriend of two years. Dustin.

Dustin is also from money.  He has visions of the good life for him and his long term girlfriend and the big question everyone keeps asking is when will he pop the question?

Irelyn isn’t thinking about marriage. Her life consists of gatherings at the club, school and visiting her mother at weekends. It’s all very high society and boring. Until one night, when Bailey and Morgan, drag her to a bar where the band “Out Back” are playing.

It’s instantly clear that the lead singer Lucas is interested in her. After the show she meets him and soon finds herself in his bed. Her one night stand is about to totally turn her world upside down! And although she doesn’t know it yet, it will also affect the lives of her nearest and dearest too.

Now, let me tell you about Lucas. He’s hot and he’s your typical rock star…except when he’s totally falling in love with our girl Irelyn. He knows she has a boyfriend and he’s okay with being her man on the side. Well, for a while. He is a bit of a weak character to be honest. He didn’t leave me swooning nor was he all bad boy and hot stuff. He also needed to man up a bit. But he was…okay as far as male leads go.

Lucas and Irelyn fall for each other in a big way. Deciding that he is the man for her, Irelyn must break it off with Dustin. But just as she’s about to choose the hot rocker, the social club sweetie proposes! Irelyn’s Grandfather does not approve of her choice and demands she either marry Dustin or choose neither man. Is she chooses Lucas, she and her family will be cut off immediately. That includes no more college tuition. Forced to choose between her education, family and the man she loves, Irelyn must decide which is more important. Making sure her family is financially secure and this includes sending her beloved cousin to a private school, or being with the man she really loves.

I did feel at some points that Irelyn needed to get a backbone. She was all mouth to her friends and other people around her but never able to stand up for herself when it really mattered.

A good book. Once I got into it I really enjoyed it. Irelyn as a character was great but at times the book left her a little whiny and frustrating. But thankfully not too often. A similar feel to this book as “Thoughtless” by S.C Stevens. But it was definitely different enough to not make comparisons. The supporting characters were fun and very real.

Well worth the download as I fear this book is only available on Kindle at the moment. But at only $2.99 for the whole book, I’d say well worth it.

A nice little treat for an afternoon with a yummy snack!

Doll xoxo


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