Interview with Marie Coulson, Ollie Green and Jared Garrett!


We are so super stoked to have Marie Coulson, Jared Garrett and Ollie Green here with us for an interview. Now, we should mention that Marie has had to sit between the two men as when we tried this the first time…well, let’s just say it got a little out of hand. So we had to give the guys your questions separately but they have agreed to play nice for Marie’s part of the interview. Right guys?

Jared – Absolutely. Marie has become an important part of all of our lives and it’s only right we should be here to support her.

Ollie – Kiss ass.

Marie – Ollie. Please?

Ollie (Rolls eyes) Yeah, I know. Zipped.

D (Clears throat) The first question is…

C – Is from me. (Leans closer to Ollie and grins, fluttering her eyelashes) How does it feel to be one of the hottest new book boyfriends on the scene?

Ollie (Smiling back uncomfortably) Um…It’s kinda surreal. I suddenly have all these girls and woman posting on my page and telling me how much they love me, like me, and how hot I am. Don’t get me wrong, I freaking love it, but it is pretty amazing. It just sort of happened over night. I guess I have you to thank for that.

(Nudges Marie and shoots her a heart stopping Ollie smile.)

MarieYou are sooo welcome stud. 

Jared Yes, if you like that hobo, rarely bathing, emo look.

Ollie – Better than the “I can’t wear anything but a suit because I have a stick shoved so far up my…”

Marie – Ollie! You promised!

Ollie – He fucking started it!

Marie (Shoots Jared a glare) You know better. Let’s not forget that I know all your shit…I won’t hesitate Jared.

Jared – Point taken.

C – Maybe we should get to the questions…

D – Yes I agree. So the first is for Ollie! Over to you C.

C – This question is from our blog and was submitted by Misty Trevino. She asks “Ollie, What is your favorite tattoo?”

Ollie – I hate my snake. I hate that I had to get it to cover up a scar that I should never have gotten. But then again, I look at it sometimes and think of how far I’ve come since then. My favorite tattoo is my heart puzzle. It means more to me and it’s something I wanted rather than something I had to get like the snake. I plan on getting another one. I was thinking of getting something personal for Patrick. Maybe some kind of brothers tattoo. Then he could always get one when he’s older too.

C – Oh, we love Patrick and you are the sweetest big brother!

(Gazes at Ollie all starry-eyed.)

D – Focus! We have lots more questions to get through!

C – Jared, this one is for you and was submitted by Stephanie. “Jared, why wasn’t Layla important enough to trust with the truth the morning she thought you cheated on her? Didn’t you love her enough to trust her rather than see her in so much pain and walking away from you? Your explanation in the book is weak. You let the love of your life walk out of your life!”

Hmmm a toughie…

Jared (Gives Marie a pleading look)

Marie – You said open and honest interview. Go on.

Jared – Okay. There is so much more to it than that. I couldn’t tell her because I needed to protect her. I also had to protect Lucy. The fewer people knew, the safer I could make them both. Whoever it was, because I didn’t fucking know then that it was Felix, was a dangerous man. He’d already put my pregnant sister in hospital so I knew he didn’t have any problems with abusing a woman. If he came looking for Lucy, he was going to come up against me. It’s my experience that in order to truly hurt someone, you attack their weakest point. Layla is now and always will be that for me. I would give anything to keep her safe. It could easily be exploited and she could have been used as bait or for bartering. I couldn’t risk it. It’s not enough to simply love someone. If you truly love them, you will do whatever you can to protect them. Even if it means losing them. Obviously, if I’d known it was Felix…I would have played it differently. I still haven’t quite forgiven Lucy for her part in it all.

D – Good answer! And I agree. Love is putting the other person first.

Ollie (Pretends to shove fingers down his throat)

Jared – You have something to say emo prick?

Ollie – No, no. Just, maybe, man the fuck up dill hole.

Jared – Oh, because I suppose you’d have done it differently in my position?

Ollie – Well for a start I’d have given Layla some more fucking credit than that! She’s not a kid for Christ sakes! She can keep a fucking secret.

Jared – Well, you’d know all about that wouldn’t you? Considering the secret I found out about on her fucking birthday asshole!

Ollie – You got a problem? Let’s go. Come at me bro!

(C, Marie and I, all stand up and stand between the two men who are now squaring up to one another, glaring.)

C – Hey rock star, calm down. (Holds hand on Ollie’s chest and pushes him back to his seat)

D – You too playboy. You both agreed to play nice. So, you know, make nice and shut up!

Marie – I swear, you two are going to be the death of me. Both of you sit down, shut up and answer your own damn questions. (Pointing at Ollie) No snide comments. (Glaring at Jared) Stop dragging up the past in interviews. I know for a fact Layla wouldn’t appreciate it!

Jared and Ollie – Sorry.

D – Jeez. Can we continue?

Marie (Glances at both the guys) Please do.

C – Great. This question is for you Marie. This is from Tracie Egan and she asks “Are you surprised about how passionately people feel about who Layla should end up with at the end of the trilogy? Are you worried that a large group of fans will probably be disappointed at the ending? Will both men find a happily ever after in some form?”

Marie – I love that people have connected to the boys so much. They both have really wonderful personality traits. It’s easy to love them both and I do. In the end, you can’t please everyone. I intend to make sure everyone is cared for though. That’s all I can say without giving away any spoilers.

(Both guys give Marie a concerned look. Seems she is holding all the cards and their happiness in her hands…)

C (Scoots chair right next to Ollie) Don’t worry rock star. I’ll totally take care of you if Marie doesn’t. (Winks)

Ollie – Um, thanks.

D (Smacks palm to forehead and shakes head) Will you get a grip and leave the poor guy alone? You’ll scare him off and he still has questions to answer.

C I’m just being hospitable

D You don’t get your ass back over here and do this professionally, the poor guy will have a heart attack and it’ll be less hospitable and more off to the hospital!

C – Okay, Okay. (Holds hand to ear like a phone and mouths to Ollie. ‘Call me’)

Ollie (Shakes head and chuckles.)

D– Okay, this question is for both guys. “Have you ever considered or would be willing to consider sharing Layla? I mean she is obviously heartbroken either way. So this seems like a way to make her happy and everyone would have their HEA!!! Don’t hate or be mad guys it’s just a question!” From Jill Wilson.

Jared – Share her? Hell no!

Ollie – Yeah, for once, I agree. I would not share a woman with any guy let alone share the one woman I actually ever loved!

Jared – Watch your mouth. That’s my girl you’re talking about.

Ollie – Because it’s such a shock for you to know how I feel about her?

Jared – No, I just don’t appreciate it. You lost, get over it.

Ollie – Yeah, we’ll see.

Jared (Gives Ollie a suspicious look) Anyway, in answer to that question, no. No, I would not ever consider sharing her. She’s my girl and I will not happily rent her out to someone or share custody of her heart. She’s mine.

Ollie (Leaning forward to C&D) He talks about her like she’s one of his fucking cars! (Mocks Jared) “She’s mine”.

C (Interrupts before another fight breaks out) Oh, Jill also added “just a comment to Marie. I just wanted to say thanks for writing such a great book. I find myself thinking about them like they are my friends! Crazy, I know. I just love them all!!”  We thought that was totally squiffy!

Marie (Breathing a sigh of relief) Aww. That is really sweet. I love getting messages from my fans. I try to keep up to date on twitter, emails and Facebook. I try to write everyone back but time is hard to come by these days. It’s one of the things that man can’t make more of.

D – I hear ya! I love an author who keeps in touch with their fans. It’s really important to remember that without them, you’re a chick with a book. An awesome book, but I guess you already know how much of your work gets passed on between friends who have read it.

Marie – Oh gosh! Absolutely! I always get messages telling me they have gifted it or recommended it to friends. I’ve even had book groups! It’s amazing. Considering that I actually wrote this for fun because I wanted to write the story I’d had penned for three years, it’s still amazing to me when people say they loved it. It’s crazy. Good crazy but crazy!

D – Wow! Three years! Well the guys were certainly worth the wait.

C – I’ll say!

D – Anyway, next question. Patty asks “Ollie, what’s your favorite song of all time?”

Ollie (Glances at Jared and smirks)  Simple, Layla by Eric Clapton.

Marie – Oh god. Here we go.

Jared – You jumped up little fuck nut! (Leaps from seat and heads for Ollie)

(Marie, C and I, again, step between them)

Ollie – What?! It’s a great song. Since when has music appreciation been fucking illegal?

Jared – That is not what you meant and you know it! I’m warning you asshole…

Marie – Jared, sit your ass down. Ollie, I am begging you, stop pushing his buttons! You’re both acting like children!

Jared – One more time Marie. He makes one more comment about..

Marie – Okay, okay.

Jared – You are really walking on thin ice asshole. (Points angrily at Ollie)

Ollie (Leaning back in his chair and shrugging) Pfft. Whatever.

D (Whispers to C) This is getting a little crazy. Quick, ask another question before Jared totally loses it!

C (Shouting above them) Moving on! The next question is from Michelle McDonald Cammack “Marie was it really hard for you to write this book with Jared and Ollie, knowing you’d have to make one of them lose? That being said, was it hard for you to write a novella from Ollie’s POV?” Yeah… that’s gotta be pretty tough.

Marie – Oh you’re telling me. But I’ve actually been really lucky. In the end, I’m just telling the story as it happens and the guys have been very accommodating. What will be will be. Que sera sera. As for writing Ollie’s POV, I loved it! It was great getting in his head and revealing a little more of the Ollie I know and adore. Both of these guys have shared details of themselves, their lives and even some very intimate moments.

D – Yeah, I’ve been wondering about that…Doesn’t Layla mind you guys sharing that sort of stuff?

Jared – She was a little uncomfortable at first, but Marie did it so well and respectfully that it became less of an issue.

Ollie – I guess I just didn’t think it was a big deal. Guys talk about their ex’s and sex all the time.

C – We have a few more questions for the guys and then the rest are for Marie. So if we do these first, these two can go and we can really get down to the dirty stuff!

Marie – Sounds fun!

C – Great. So Ollie, Stephanie asks “Do you know how perfect you are? Your downfall is you are too good of guy and Layla is taking advantage. I know she loves you so much as her best friend but don’t you see that you deserve someone who will love you unconditionally and who won’t hold anything back?”

Ollie (Runs fingers through hair and bites lip ring)

C (Stares at his mouth and swoons a little)

Ollie – Um, it’s definitely a question I’ve asked myself. In the end, who knows what tomorrow brings? I think it takes time to really give yourself over to another person. I know that better than anyone. Besides Amy and Mel, Layla is the only person who really knows me. It’s not easy to let someone into your life. Especially if you’ve been hurt before.

D – So true. Jared, Jamie L asks “I was so sad to read about your parents. That must have been pretty tough having to take over the business. What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t a CEO?” I thought that was a really great question. Who would Jared Garrett be today?

Jared (Smiles and chuckles a little)

D (Whispers to C) I think my panties just busted. He is so hot!

C (Whispers back) And you had the nerve to call me on my flirting!

D – Shhh!

Jared – I guess he’d be an archaeologist or backpacking across Europe. I used to love watching Indiana Jones movies and history was something I was really into. I mean, it’s fixed. It’s written and evidenced but it cannot be changed. It can be thought about and theorised about but it is all still a fixed moment in time that has already happened. It’s amazing. I love watching the discovery channel. It drives Layla nuts! Traveling was something I really wanted to do. I went to business school like my father wanted and when he and my mother died, I could have sold the business and pursued my dream but I felt my responsibility was to my parents and the legacy they had built for me.

D (Lol) Aww. Well, never too late to travel and you certainly have the money to fund it.

Jared – Yes, but I lack the time. Running a business is almost a full time job. Besides, I can’t see Layla being too thrilled.

C – Yeah, I wouldn’t be either! Unless of course I was camping out with you rock star. I’d totally help you pitch a tent. (Winks at Ollie)

Ollie(Shifts in his seat and shakes his head, smiling.) I bet you would. Anyway…

D (Swatting C on the arm) Yes, anyway… The next question is kind of a sensitive one so Ollie if you could read this and just answer it as best you can. (Hands Ollie the note which has Daniela Bucci Zavolta’s question on it. “I am Team Jared but my question is for Ollie. When he goes to Europe and tries to get Layla, would he ever truly trust her not to leave him again or even think of Jared all of the time (if you do get her back)????”)

Ollie (Reads the note and bites on his lip ring before handing it back to D) Wow. Well, I can’t say I haven’t thought about that, because I have. Of course I have. In the end, I have to have some hope and faith. If it goes my way, then it goes my way for a reason. I’m hoping, I guess; that if I do get what I want…it’ll be for keeps. I can’t guarantee that I’ll never have doubts or worry, but trust has to be earned. By everyone involved.

Jared (Eyes Ollie with a very suspicious and angry glare)

D – Thanks Ollie. Well guys, there’s one more question here for you before we get to Marie. But this question is also for her. This comes from ‘jpcajasr’.  “My question is to everybody. How old were you when you had sex and was is it memorable or if you could would you go back and change something?”

Ollie (Roars with laughter)

Jared (Throws his head back and laughs)

Marie (Giggles a little at the boys)

C – Okay, so now I’m dying to hear it. You first Jared.

Jared – Well, I think I told this one before. I was sixteen and it was in my girlfriend’s minivan. It wasn’t memorable. It was two virgins, fumbling around and learning the ropes, which, it turns out; I got fully to grips with later. (Winks at Marie) I don’t think I’d change anything. Maybe the where. That minivan was not comfortable and it was also pretty hot in there.

D – I bet it was with you rolling around naked inside it…very hot indeed.

C (Fists hands on her hips and stares at D)

D – What?!

C (Shakes head) You’re worse than I am!

D – Oh I doubt that!

C (Rolls eyes) What about you rock star?

Ollie – Me? Well, I popped my cherry at sixteen too. Her name was Jenna. She was hot for a sixteen year old. She lived on the same site as I did. She knew about my asshole father and shit. I guess you’d call us friends but we weren’t close or anything. Anyway, we both decided to ditch the prom idea and ended up hanging out at the local park. Got drunk on some of my dad’s bourbon and one thing led to another…lost my V card under a tree. Would I change it? Probably not. Sex is sex and she was the first. Doesn’t really matter how or where, it’s who. At the time, she was the only person who gave a damn about me and I liked her. We lost touch after her mom left her dad and moved away. But, you know, whatever.

D – So you guys wouldn’t have preferred, say…waiting till you’re married?

Ollie and Jared – No!

Jared – I don’t think so. I have a very acquired taste and to have discovered that later…would be tragic for many reasons.

Ollie – Hell, me not having sex till marriage would have been tragic for so many women!

C – Yeah it would!

D – If you say so stud. Marie?

Marie (Glances at the guys and takes deep breath) I was a teen. I loved him. It was at his place in his bed. It was awkward and uncomfortable but I wouldn’t change a single thing. So, um, yeah…

Ollie – Why does it feel like listening to your mom talk about sex when you do it?

Marie – I don’t know. It’s weird to hear you guys do it too. I love you an all but it still makes me cringe a little. It’s like hearing your brothers go on.

Jared – I agree. It feels a little bit wrong. And with that in mind, I’ll take my cue to leave.

C&D(Get up and give Jared a hug. D hold on a little too long. C grabs her and pulls her off him)

C – Leave the man alone. Boundaries, D, boundaries.

D – Oh whatever.

Ollie – Yeah I’m gonna make tracks too.

C (Leap snuggles Ollie.)

Ollie (Stands rigid and raises an eyebrow at C) Um, D? Marie? A little help?

Marie – On your own Book Boyfriend

D – C! Get off of him. You’re embarrassing yourself and more importantly…me!

C – I don’t care. I’m sharing the love!

Ollie – Consider it shared. Marie? A little help?

Marie – I do kind of have a schedule so if we could maybe do my questions now?

D – I agree! C, let him go!

C (Begrudgingly let’s go of Ollie) So good to meet you Ollie. Come back and see me anytime!

D – Yeah, she’ll be the one in the strait jacket!

C (Pokes tongue out at D)

D – Thanks for coming guys. We know you’re busy with work and stuff! Can’t wait to catch up again after the next book is released. You good with that?

Jared – Of course. Always happy to help promote Marie and her work.

Ollie – Sure. Why not?

C – Great!

D (See’s guys out and heads back to interview Marie) Well, they’re a bit intense!

Marie – A bit?

C – Point taken and agreed.

D – Okay, so the rest of our questions are for you! Ready?

Marie – Absolutely. Fire away.

D Awesome! So the first is from Allie Mathews “How do you go about setting up a story? Do you just free write? Or is there an outline, a detailed something? Curious how your mind plots things out if it does. Thanks!”

Marie – Well, Bound Together was actually plotted about three years ago. I had the story brewing for some time. It wasn’t till I left my job in the summer this year that I actually sat down and started writing. I knew what I wanted to happen and roughly when but about half way through, characters began almost writing it themselves. Some things simply flow and come to you and the story can take a new direction in a heartbeat. But I loved the whole process. I would see something, read something, hear something and get an idea from it. It does have some outline but mostly it’s a continuous thought process that flows from brain to fingers and type!

C – Sounds amazing! I would love to be able to work that way. Do you take inspiration from your own history or experiences?

Marie – Some. I can’t go in to too much detail but I always say, in every story, there is usually some truth or experience between each line. Music also plays a big part in my creativity. I have music on a lot when writing.

D – I love that your books contain music! I love to listen to them as I read and it really sets the scene for me.

Marie – Yeah, I have heard about fans doing this. I highly encourage it!

C Next question comes from Dawn Kephart Bush “How long does it take to write a book? How many books have you written? How did you learn about publishing?

Tossing the idea around of putting pen to paper to write something of my own. I know what genre I am considering. You write erotica (which isn’t the genre I’m thinking of). How do you handle friends/ family opinions of writing in this genre? I’m considering new adult and I worry about writing scenes that will be offensive to those I love (and in-laws)!”  Lot’s to answer there…

Marie – Gosh! Okay, it took me about eight weeks to write Bound Together then another three to edit. I have written Bound Together and Last Christmas. I did write a book when I was fifteen but it was worse than awful. Poetry was more my thing and song writing.

I learnt about self-publishing through reading other indie author books. I also did my research in to who to self-publish with and Amazon came out best. I got great advice from other authors and I’m also happy to give advice to those looking to self-publish.

Writing erotica…I made sure my family and friends knew what I was writing and then gave them the choice. Read it, or don’t. Some of my friends and my sister have read it and they told me that they actually forget that I wrote it as they get caught up in the book. If people are worried about what they might read…don’t read it.

D – I think that’s a good way to look at it. I think as long as people are warned, then they can hardly be shocked. Next question is from Nicoleta Dumbrava “How do you come up with the names for your characters? Do you write the character first, then pick a name that fits him/her or the name of the character shapes his/her story?; For Ollie and Jared – why Layla? What is it so special about her?” Two questions in one there.

Marie – The names just came to me one day. There wasn’t really any reason or structure to that. Though, Layla is my favourite song. Their names came before I even put pen to paper. The names were the first thing I had and the plotting came after. As for why Layla…whenever I ask that question Ollie always says ‘why not’ and Jared just says ‘because she’s Layla’ they’re very guarded about it to be honest but I know Layla often asks that question herself.

C – Will we get more of an insight in the second book? I know I’d love to get to know what Jared is hiding and I think Ollie has soooo much more he’s not giving her or us!

Marie – The simple answer is yes. A lot of things will be making sense in book two and we also get to know Layla better. She’s going through changes and even I like her a little better. It’s nice to see her transition from girl to woman. Jared and Ollie have a lot more to give! A lot!

D – I can’t wait! Okay, last question comes from Wendy Neuman Wilken. It’s a question a few people have asked actually and the one with the juiciest answer we hope! “Are the sex scenes tried before writing them? Ya know to make sure they work??????”

Marie – Hahaha! I do get that question a lot. I promised honest and open right?

C – Yep!

Marie – Oh boy…Yes. Yes I do try certain scenes and some I have already tried before I wrote. I admit, I have a very healthy sex life and we like to spice things up and experiment. Sex is a big part of any relationship. It’s important for women as well as men. We can all say it’s not and it’s love and togetherness, but I’m realistic enough to know that if you’re bored in the bedroom, your eye will wander. We have fun but we keep it safe. We know each other’s limits and boundaries. That’s what keeps us so close and helps us really enjoy our sex life.

C – Woohoo! (Does dance around room)

D – She’s a fan of sex. If you hadn’t noticed. And yet she calls me the dirty one.

C – I love my smut and Marie, you have it down to an art on and off the pages it seems! You go girl!

Marie – Hahaha! I have to admit, I am a big promoter of women talking about sex. It’s natural, not taboo. So shout it loud and proud! I have sex and lots of it! And you know what? I like it! Haha!

D – Amen to that!

C – I think I just fell in love with you Marie! I cannot wait to read Torn Apart! Tell me, will it be as steamy as Bound Together?

Marie – More so! Bound Together, Jared was easing Layla in to his lifestyle and sexual tastes. There’s more to come and Layla is also discovering her own likes and desires. She’s quite the dirty minx herself. She has the carpet burns on her knees to prove it!

D – Oh my god! I cannot wait!

C – Me neither! Do you have a release date for Torn Apart yet?

Marie – All I have is spring 2013 but I will keep everyone posted as and when things develop!

D – Well, thank you soooo much for this interview. We feel like we know you all much more intimately already! Congratulations on your success with Bound Together. We loved the book.

C – It was amazing! I felt totally squiffy afterwards and dived right in to Last Christmas.

Marie – It’s been my pleasure.

D – For all teasers, updates and even a scene in Jared’s POV, head over to Marie’s Facebook page.

C – And don’t forget to follow her on Twitter!

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