The Sea Of Tranquility Katja Millay




The beautiful girl reborn from the guarded palace. I always hated that name. I hated what it stood for and the way it sounded. Someone once told me it sounded like a bubbly drink, I told them it sounded like I was aching to get admitted to old folk’s home early. Now, I don’t mind so much….Nastya is a girl whose clothes are too tight, whose heels are too high, and whose make up is too dark. Nastya is a girl whose past will haunt anyone who hears about it. Nastya will not tell you even if you want to know. Josh is a boy who is conventionally handsome, who is good with his hands, who has a rough past. Josh does not want to know. The two of them together bring a little ray of sunshine. I had heard so much about this book but took my time before I read it because I didn’t know what I was getting into. I had been so used to fast paced emotion that the slow setting up of what was to come threw me off for a bit. The story builds and you learn about the different quirks of the characters, and why they are the way they are. You learn about not just what motivates them, but what drives and focuses them and what keeps them alive. You learn about what they mean and how much really is in a name. It is a gorgeous story and defiantly deserves thousands of awards for all of the emotions and incredible pictures it evokes in its telling. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.


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