Measuring Up By Nyrae Dawn



Measuring Up – Nyrae Dawn

D – Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? That the way you look defines you? You lack confidence and obsess about your weight?

C – Only all day, every day and since I hit puberty and discovered hips grow and sometimes they don’t stop!

D – Yeah, ditto! Well this book is an amazing story of a girl just like you and me. She’s got curves.
Meet Annabel Conway.  Annabel is curvy. Ok, so she’s a bit over weight…

Her life is made miserable by the Hillcrest High School elite. The cheerleaders, the jocks, The Billy Mason’s.

C – Oh we all had one of those. I certainly did.

D – Me too. Till I broke his nose. I wonder if that ever did get fixed.  But Annabel is so sick and tired of the constant teasing and bullying that she decides enough is enough and joins a gym. And why is she now in this position? Why does she feel so inadequate? Because the Billy Mason’s say she’s less than perfect. Because she’s not a petite, big breasted bimbo!

C – Mmmhmm. Preach sister. Amen. I’d rather have my curves, nicely sized top shelf and a personality as unconventional as I am!

D – Damn straight! Well, when Annabel joins the gym she also hires a personal trainer and will spend the summer losing weight. She’s already set a goal in her head and is determined to meet it. I’m yelling “Yeah! You go girl! You’re perfect how you are but kudos to you!”
Enter Tegan.

C – *Sigh* I just want to eat him!

D – Kind of defeats the object don’t you think?

C – What?

D – Losing weight only for you to eat your personal trainer? Bit ironic. I wouldn’t mind a nibble though. Maybe a lick here and there…you know, just to cap the cravings!

C – Let me tell you about boy wonder Tegan! Also 18, Tegan works as a personal trainer at “Let’s Get Physical” (you know you all have just sang that line) He’s hot, funny and boy does he motivate her…and me for that matter! I’d get down and sweaty with him in a heartbeat! And Annabel just hired him! Lucky b*#ch!  

D – He’s such a sweetie too. Trying to balance school, work and helping his mom with his disabled brother, sweet and supportive Tegan is determined to help Annabel achieve her goals. Encouraging her to push herself further, he invites her to jog with him in the mornings as well.  Oh to wake up to a morning of hot, physical activity with can you refuse!?

C – And Tegan is kind of into our girl too! He can’t help but be mesmerized by her eyes. Her sweet smile and her sense of humor have him in knots. But why can’t she believe him when he tells her how great she is? How hot she is? How can he tell her he likes her and get her to actually believe him? I was all loved up by this point. I want a Tegan. Like, now. I’m calling Santa and adding him to my list…

D – *Shakes head as C grabs her cell and starts dialing*

Anyway, Annabel likes Tegan a lot. But can she doesn’t trust what he tells her! Cue me banging my head against my kindle and screaming “For f*#k sakes girl! He likes you” She thinks he could have his pick of any girl, so why would he choose the chubby girl from the gym? All her worries and concerns are fuelled even more by the hurtful things her mother says. I wanted to slap that woman! Slap her hard.

C – Oh tell me about it! I was ready to give that woman a few home truths I tell you!

D –  Annabel’s Mom has always had an issue with Annabel’s weight and has no problems commenting on it. See, we told you…B#*CH! Her mother’s behavior doesn’t just upset Annabel, it also annoys Annabel’s father and her best friend Em. Em is just one more comment away from letting Annabel’s mother have it both barrels! And I was cheering her on too!

C – You have to feel it for the poor girl. Annabel has a lot on her plate. Her new love Tegan, her weight loss, her best friend, her mother and her own insecurities. Not to mention the Hillcrest elite. It was really nice to see her find someone who was supportive and loved her just the way she is though. You don’t really get books like this. It was certainly different.

D – It was a great book for anyone who has ever felt bullied, weighed down or conscious about their weigh or indeed the way they look. This book really highlights the struggles and emotions that people go through. I identified with this book a lot. I felt Annabel’s pains. I have always struggled with my weight. Until I too met a guy that made me feel beautiful just the way I am. I got my Tegan.

C – You willing to share if Santa doesn’t come through?

D – *Raises eyebrow at C* No. Now, tell them what you thought of the book and stop daydreaming over Tegan! Poor boy.

C – It was a great book. It was believable and very real. The struggles, heartache and very important issues around weight and bulling were handles very Well and very delicately. I really enjoyed this book.  I also thought it highlighted the struggles families can face when caring for a disabled child. Tegan’s brother was a so adorably funny though!

D – I would have liked a bit more of Em though. I think her issues were also important. She could have even had her own book with her run away mouth!

C – Agreed. I liked Em and her no nonsense personality. But I did enjoy reading more about Annabel and her struggles.

D – All in all, this was a great book. It had its moments where the story seemed to drag but maybe that’s because I was just so anxious for Annabel and Tegan to get it together.

A sweet treat for sure!


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