Oh. My. Gosh, do I have an awesome treat for you!
So, some of you may know them and some may not, but I have managed to get an exclusive Q&A session with Marie Coulson, Jared Garrett and Ollie Green!!
It’s my Christmas gift to all of my followers!
So here’s the deal…I want to know, what do you want to know? Post your questions for the guys on our wall and the best ones will be going in to the interview. Just indicate who it is to and what you want to ask. It’s that simple! 
Entries must be in by noon on Christmas Eve!
Happy Holidays!



  1. Are you surprised about how passionately people feel about who Layla should end up with at the end of the trilogy? Are you worried that a large group of fans will probably be disappointed at the ending? Will both men find a happily ever after in some form?

  2. I am hoping this is where I can post my question. My first question is for both Ollie and Jared. Have you ever considered or would be willing to consider sharing Layla? I mean she is obviously heart broken either way. So this seems like a way to make her happy and everyone would have their HEA!!! Don’t hate or be mad guys it’s just a question! My other is just a comment to Marie. I just wanted to say thanks for writing such a great book. I find myself thinking about them like they are my friends! Crazy, I know. I just love them all!! ❤

  3. Jared. Why wasn’t Layla important enough to trust with the truth the morning she thought you cheated on her? Didn’t you love her enough to trust her rather than see her in so much pain and walking away from you? Your explanation in the book is weak. You let the love of your life walk out of your life!

  4. Layla. As much as I love Ollie, I think it’s obvious who your soul mate is. Do you think it was selfish on your part to try and force yourself to love Ollie? Do you feel like you led him on knowing how passionately you still loved Jared when you told Ollie you loved him? At ANY point did you ever love Ollie AS STRONGLY as you loved Jared?

  5. Ollie. Do you know how perfect you are? Your downfall is you are too good of guy and Layla is taking advantage. I know she loves you so much as her best friend but don’t you see that you deserve someone who will love you unconditionally and who won’t hold anything back?

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  7. My question is to everybody. How old were you when you had sex and was is it memorable or if you could would you go back and change something?

    Merry Xmas everyone!!!!!

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