Lengths Liz Reinhardt and Steph Campbell




Whit is the type of girl every rocker wants to be. She rough, she’s tough, she’s gorgeous and she works in a super squiffy tattoo parlor in California. The only thing she has that we could do better off without is a past that is far to hard on the soul for her own good. Deo is a surfer boy who has the moves and the looks to get any girl he wants. Seriously he could snap his fingers and they girls would swoon (very Gaston from Beauty and the Beast) but the one girl he wants to love him back is the one who is hiding a past. What happens? Can they make it work? Why did she leave her past on the opposite coast? Throw in a super awesome Grandfather and an overtly quirky eccentric mother (that I personally want to adopt) and you have Lengths. This is the book that made want to read again. The first book I picked up after a long hiatus and the reason I can’t let my kindle out of my sight. Thank you ladies for making me a believer all over again!

Xx C xX


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