Impassion (Mystic #2) B.C. Burgess



So after I was done devouring the first book in the Mystic series I wrote a long and rambling letter to the author about how brilliant I thought she was and how I wanted to have ten-thousand of her babies and got the distinct gift of the Impassion. Yay for more Quin!! Yay for so much more than just Quin!!! Impassion picks up where the last book leaves off. Layla is at the ground of all those who belong in her families coven. And she is just about to meet everyone who knows EVERYTHING about her, but whom she only found out about just a few hours before. She meets her family (who are amazing) and learns how to use her newly found powers….which are so F****’n cool it isn’t funny and she has a hottie to help her do it. All the while Agro is headed to Oregon to find her and there is a mysterious newcomer who seems to show up at the right place at just the right time…and though I love my Quin…There is something about a bad boy that pushes my buttons. All of this going on, throw in some family history, an adorable toddler, and some supercharged, supertouchy  bowchickawowalmostwow scenes and you have yet another brilliantly written book by the gorgeous B.C. Burgess!!!


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