Crash – Nicole Williams


Crash by Nicole Williams

D – I was unsure of this book at first. The book begins with quite a degree of violence. It was a bit shocking.

C – You’re not kidding. I know that kind of thing exists but god! I wasn’t comfortable with the animal being hurt. Not at all.

D – Yeah that did kind of upset me. Like, a lot.

C – It wasn’t expected but I understand the need to show just how senselessly violent those guys were.

D – Oh I absolutely agree.

C – I did kind of forget about that though as things went on.

D – Yes, Jude really is something. Poor Jude. But anyway, the whole story revolves around two main characters. Lucy and Jude. *Sigh* Jude.  

C – Another book boyfriend?

D – Oh god yes!

C – Book slut. *Shaking head*

D – The best kind there is.

C – If you say so…

D – *Sticks tongue out at C*

Lucy is a dancer with a bright future. After her family experiences the loss of her brother, the family business collapses and they all move to their cabin on the lake.

It’s summer break and Lucy is sunbathing when she spots a very handsome, muscular guy playing football on the beach. She gives her best efforts at getting his attention and eventually he crashes into her while playing.

C – And so commences a game of ‘getting one up on the other’ throwing backhanded compliments and insults. Even though they are totally attracted to each other. Do guys ever grow out of pulling pigtails?

D – Not in my experience. But anyway, after a bit of two and fro between them with insults, Lucy is sure he’s not her type after all. She tells him he has to try much harder than that to get in to her panties. With her rescue mutt at her side (that she got that day) she heads home.

After Jude makes a big gesture, which I won’t tell you about as it is a spoiler; she finally accepts his offer of a date. But things turn very sinister that evening and lead to terrifying scenes the next day.  And it really was bad.

C – Jude is a bad boy. And we love a good bad boy. That one that you hope will stay bad but be good just for you. But when I say he’s bad, I mean on the biggest scale. And he is very good with his fists and he has a skill when it comes to using them. A very experienced fighter it would seem. With a police rap sheet longer than Lucy’s now singed hair…….again, spoiler.

D – This book was full of angst and some real roller coaster moments. The twist at the end had me totally railroaded! I was so shocked! But I really enjoyed it from start to finish. I recommend this book to everyone. it might scare you off at first with the violence but please stick with it.

C – No sex in it really but intimate scenes are plentiful. It’s not going to make you moist but it will heat you up.  The love story and romance is complicated and very real. It’s certainly not your average boy meets girl book. And with a twist at the end that, like you D, I was NO WAY expecting, it keeps you gripped till the last page. I found it funny on many occasions due to Lucy’s character. She’s spunky, fierce with a dry wit and a great sense of humor.

D – And she and Jude have a great rapport going. Sexual tension and fun fill the majority of their interactions. Nicole is very good at dialogue.
Jude may not be overly humorous with what he says but his actions are sometimes rather comedic. Like the opening assembly…

C – Oh that really had me laughing!

D – Me too! Overall I think we really enjoyed it.

Definitely worth reading to sooth your sweet tooth.



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